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You're building a house and want to get the best tube lights or bulbs for it. With so many alternatives, deciding which one is the best might be challenging. We used to buy regular bulbs or neon tube lights. It later evolved into CFLs and energy-efficient fluorescent tube lights. But, LED tube lights or bulbs are the current trends. Although current, energy-efficient LED tube lights/bulbs are more expensive than older ones. They offer a lot of value.
We'll talk about the prices of various alternatives. Its wattage and the benefits you may gain from them in this piece. We'll also provide you with a shopping guide and some goods to assist you in saving money on power. Furthermore, We'll also talk about how much lighting is appropriate for your space.

How to choose best LED Tubelight?

It is common knowledge that natural light is helpful to your health. But, artificial light is required at night. As a result, lighting is critical in any room. You need decent lighting whether you're in your home, business, or restaurant. Although an LED tube light resembles a regular tube light, it differs in several ways. Because LED tube lights use a different form of fluorescent tube. They require less energy than tube lights. LED stands for 'Light Emitting Diode,' and each LED tube has many tiny strips of LED lined up within.
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LED tube lights are more environmentally friendly and renewable than traditional tube lights. LED lights are a terrific alternative to traditional lights. It is a better living decision because an LED tube has an average life of 50,000 hours. When switched on, LED lights come in white and warm yellow, providing a sense of warmth. 
However, finding the correct lighting solutions isn't always simple. Some firms specialize in lighting, which is fortunate. In India, the LED lighting sector is flourishing. Everything you need to know about India's major lighting firms is right here.
  • Charlston Lights
  • Havells Lights
  • Jaquar Lights 
  • Orient Electric 
  • SU-Kam Lights 
Let's check out one of the best tube light companies in India in detail.

Charlston Lights

Charlston lights offer energy-saving, long-lasting. It is an attractively designed LED lighting solution. It is the solution for your modern homes, businesses, and landscapes. The Charlston product line includes interior and exterior lighting. It has downlights and streetlights. It stands out in this industry because of its high-quality items and unrivaled warranties.
Charlston Lights delivers energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. It provides for commercial, hospitality, residential, and architectural lighting applications. They have a goal of becoming a leader in the Indian LED lighting sector. Charlston has strong brand recognition. It has a good reputation for innovation, high product quality, and dependable services.

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Havells Lights

Havells is a well-known name in the LED and lighting industries. They operate to provide the greatest service to their consumers. They pledge to exceed consumer expectations. Havells establish business and transaction standards based on mutual trust. 
Havells offers a wide choice of energy-efficient lighting solutions. It has cutting-edge technology to choose from. It helps achieve inexpensive illumination across India by brightening your homes. Havells offers creative, user-friendly, and distinctive lighting solutions.
They are also dedicated to acting ethically, honestly, and with an open mind to new ideas. To become the best-in-class, they are always enhancing their personnel, services, and products. Havells sells ballasts, LED bulbs, chokes, starters, LED downlights, and other items.

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Jaquar Lights

With gracefully designed house lights, Jaquar Lighting has the appropriate home lighting options. They offer a large choice of products to pick from that are ideal for any home setup and will leave you weak in the knees. 
Everything is available, from creative LED house lights to LED panel lights for the home. Because of their exquisite looks and ergonomically built bodies. Luxury home decor lights are the specialty of Jaquar. They have compiled a list of the best-LED lights for houses. Best-LED to guarantee to liven up your environment.
LED Battens Lights, LED Downlights, LED Panels, LED Spotlights, LED Strip Lights, LED Lamps, and Streetlights are the categories in which Jaquar has Expertise. The LED tube lights are one of the most gorgeous additions to your home decor available from Jaquar. LED tube lights are a wonderful slim form and an elegant white color.

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Orient Electric

ORIENT LED Lights will provide you with the best performance to completely transform your interiors. They are carefully created using cutting-edge technology. Orient can change the entire atmosphere of a space with its charm.
ORIENT LED BULBS raise the room's style quotient and illuminate the space for a brighter look. Orient Electrical's Fluorescent Lamps are best if you simply want to light up a tiny area of your space. CFL lights consume 70% less energy than conventional lights. It allows you to avoid high power bills without burning a hole in your budget.

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SU-Kam Lights

Su-Kam LED Tube lights are widely used in a variety of lighting applications. The efficiency of LED tube lighting is excessive. Supermarkets, businesses, offices, workshops, factories, shopping malls, offices, showrooms, warehouses, and other locations. For general illumination, LED tube lights are a clear winner since they are simple to install.

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