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Being one of the largest growing countries in terms of population, India witnesses an ever-rising demand for daily household appliances. The country is also one of the largest manufacturers of LED bulbs with a large market and hosts some of the top brands in the segment.

India has established itself as a conscious participant, playing a key role in fighting global warming. While the goal is very big, it can be attained by taking minor steps each day. One major initiative is the country’s shift towards LED illumination. 
Power factor, Lumens Output, Led life, and Colour rendering index. If one is not technically very sound, it is natural to get confused with so many options. Therefore, we have made the task easy for you. Here’s a list of India's Top 6 bulb companies to help you make an easy choice.

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Havells LED Bulb

Quickly and certainly one of the top names in the segment, Havells has been a part of every Indian household. However, even though the company has been present in the market for a long time, it entered the LED segment in 2010. Being one of the most recognized brands, Havells has set up manufacturing as many as 14 facilities.
The company’s products are developed with cutting-edge technology to suit the varied needs of every Indian household. Its diverse portfolio of LED bulbs is unmatchable and includes the best offerings in 3 watts and 15-watt categories. Although, the company’s mid-watt range sees scope for improvement. The pricing range of Havells bulbs is quite affordable and falls between Rs. 45 - Rs. 1000
Based on reviews, Havells bulbs have an above-average lifespan, work excellently well for energy savings and focus light in one direction. Mostly, these bulbs are suitable for large rooms. So get your hands on one of the best quality bulbs and access a list of Havells bulb dealers in India:

Havells LED Bulb Dealers in India: Havells Electric Showrooms Near Me

Charlston Lights LED Bulb

As one of the small yet renowned brands, Charlston has established its niche in the Indian market. The company aims to establish itself as a market leader and provide energy-efficient lighting solutions for all spaces. Notably, Charlston lights make a mark because they offer a 5-year warranty for LED bulbs, unlike any other company.
The products from Charlston lights are developed to be eco-friendly, innovative, and reliable. The company’s portfolio houses GlowUP Bulbs in two variants- 5-watt and 9-watt. These provide better energy efficiency in comparison to CFL and incandescent bulbs. Speaking of the quality, Charleston’s LED bulbs come with superior cooling metal surface area and are designed with modern technology. As a result, these can easily compete with products from renowned companies. In addition, the pricing range is relatively moderate and affordable.
In review, Charleston light bulls are ranked well on multiple factors such as high lumens power per watt, CRI rating, and power factor. These bulbs are dimmable and give 50,000 hours of life span, which is notably the best in the category. Access a list of Charlston lights dealers in India:

Charlston Lights LED Bulb Dealers in India: Charlston Lights Electric Showrooms Near Me

Orient Electric LED Bulb

Making it to the list of top 6 Bulb companies in India is another renowned name, Orient Electric. The brand is again known to most Indian citizens and has been around for a long time. Orient Electric incorporates world-class manufacturing processes combined with innovation and develops some of the best quality products. 
Impressively, Orient Electric houses a plethora of home appliance products in its portfolio, and each of them performs as a top-segment choice. Speaking specifically of bulbs, Orient Electric provides various categories such as LED, High Glo, Motion sensor, and more. 
Undoubtedly, Orient Electric bulbs are of the best quality and offer a wider light spread with a 180-degree beam angle and a BEE 3star rating. These also get a lifespan of 20000 hours and come with IP20 glass protection. The prices are Rs. 80 - Rs. 1200. Here is a list of Orient Electric bulb dealers in India:

Orient Electric LED Bulb Dealers in India: Orient Electric Showrooms Near Me

Syska LED Bulb

Fourth on the list is a comparatively new, remarkable name, Syska. This company is almost two decades old and is headquartered in Mumbai. Yet, Syska has managed to establish itself as a leader and gained a sizeable share in the LED market quickly. 

Undoubtedly, Syska has led the innovation path and become a groundbreaking player in the segment. Moreover, its products are priced quite reasonably. The company’s product portfolio includes countless lighting products. The brand Syska offers two categories of bulbs SSK-LB Series and SSK-QA. These provide superior quality, high power factor, and high CRI. Additionally, these bulbs come with 50,000 hours lifetime and ensure better illumination with maximum savings. 
Syska also has a category of Smart bulbs, wherein the brand sells high-tech, Mesh, and Wi-Fi-enabled bulbs. The pricing range starts from Rs. 89 and goes up to Rs. 1400. Here is a list of Syska bulb dealers in India:

Syska LED Bulb Dealers in India: Syska Electric Showrooms Near Me

Jaquar LED Bulb

The jaquar group has maintained its strong position in the market since 1960 and has expanded to global markets. However, their expertise mainly remains in the bathroom fittings category. Currently, Jaquar has established its presence across 60+ countries.
Speaking of lighting products, Jaquar offers Tubelights, Chandeliers, Track lights, LED bulbs, Landscape lighting, etc. In addition, Jaquar has built an extensive portfolio of lighting bulbs, always being a step ahead in innovation. The bulbs from Jaquar are energy efficient, stylish, and compact in size. There are four offerings by Jaquar, namely Prima LED Bulb, Illuminator Prima LED Bulb, Spark LED Bulb, and night lamp bulbs. 
These also come with superior quality metal, offer good longevity, and are perfect for all spaces. In terms of pricing, Jaquar lightbulbs start from Rs.55 and go up to Rs. 585. Here is a list of Jaquar bulb dealers in India:

Jaquar LED Bulb Dealers in India: Jaquar Electric Showrooms Near Me

Xiaomi Mi LED Bulb

Yes, you heard that right. The renowned smartphone brand has made it to our list of Top 6 brands for lightbulbs in India. Expanding into a completely different segment, this lighting solution from Mi is developed to help customers light up their spaces in a smarter way.
Notably, the bulb from Mi differs from other offerings as it is not just another regular bulb but a smart bulb. Among other impressive abilities, it can switch between 16 million colors that set the tone for every mood. Mi also claims that its smart bulb helps customers relax, reduces stress, regulates the sleep cycle, and creates an unmatched ambiance. Furthermore, one can adjust the temperature from 1700K to 6500K. 
The intelligent bulb supports Wifi connectivity and can be controlled with the help of a dedicated App that offers excellent energy savings and has a lifespan of 11 years. This exceptional Xiaomi Mi bulb is priced at Rs. 999. Access the list of Xiaomi Mi bulb dealers in India:

Xiaomi Mi LED Bulb Dealers in India: Xiaomi Mi Electric Showrooms Near Me

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