Importance Of Choosing The Right Size Air Conditioner For Your Space

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It’s that time of the year again. The winter breeze is settling down, and summer is about to come. Indian households commonly know this season as the time to purchase air conditioners. But, of course, you wouldn’t want to miss out on those off-season discounts. 
Given the number of options for air conditioners, choosing the right one for your space can take time and effort. While multiple factors need to be considered before making the purchase, the size of the AC should be considered. However, if you also don’t pay enough heed to it, here’s why you should change that now.

Importance of Size of Air Conditioner

Despite varying opinions that might portray indifference, a too big or too small-sized AC can be a problem for you. Unfortunately, this purchase decision has a higher chance of failing to deliver the desired cooling experience. 

Why Not Choose a Very Small Air Conditioner?

An AC that is too small to be compatible with your space will give you a hot and hectic summer. The temperatures will be uneven, and you might need to keep the appliance on for longer hours for some relief. 

Ultimately, using the AC for an inappropriate time will lead to higher electricity bills, speedy wear-outs, more energy usage and breakdown chances. 
At first, buying a Air Condition might sound tempting because of the cost savings, but ultimately the tables can be turned on you with all the maintenance costs piling up.

Why Not Choose a Very Big Air Conditioner?

An oversized AC might be even more inefficient than a minor AC. A bigger AC for your space will cool off the area too quickly. But, the cooling effects will also fade in a shorter duration. Ultimately, you will fall into the vicious cycle of switching off and turning on. Gradually, this will now allow adequate dehumidification and filtration of the appliance.
In addition, a repetitive kickstart for shorter times will lead to a drastic increase in energy wastage. Now, this means high utility costs.

Why is the Right-Sized Air Conditioner Important?

Energy Efficiency

As discussed above, an air conditioner that is too small or too big for your space will result in energy consumption mismatches. On the other hand, a right-sized AC will consume adequately and leave you with fair bills.


When an air conditioner operates efficiently within its capacity, it can last longer than an overworked AC. Therefore, a right-sized AC will ensure a prolonged lifespan, saving you from frequent replacement and repair costs.


An AC that is too small for the space cannot provide adequate cooling. Similarly, an AC that is too big to fit will result in rapid cooling with rapid temperature fluctuations. Here, a correctly-sized AC comes to the rescue with consistent temperature for comfort.

How to Determine the Right Size Air Conditioner for Your Space?

Trust us; it’s not rocket science. Just take these few easy steps:

Measure the room size

This will help determine the required cooling capacity for the specific room.

Consider room insulation

A room with inadequate insulation requires a larger AC and vice versa.

Room usage

A room with high usage levels requires a larger AC, and a room with low-level use can do with a smaller one.

Consult a Specialist

The best brands providing air conditioners often excel at pre and post-sale services. Reach out to the consultants and speak to them about the size matters.

Best Brands For Right-Sized Air Conditioners


The brand understands that every customer has a different need for an air conditioner. Hence, Amstrad's range of reliable, high-quality ACs is designed to meet varying requirements. Currently, the brand offers a range of split ACs and cassette ACs.
Speak to an Amstrad AC dealer today for more information.

Blue Star

The brand’s air conditioners are designed with variable-speed compressors that can vary the frequency. The same can be achieved based on ambient conditions. In addition, blue Star assures faster cooling and maximum savings with its range of Inverter split, window, portable and fixed-speed split ACs.
Consult a Blue Star AC dealer today to find the right-sized air conditioner for your space.


Third, on our list of best air conditioner companies in India is the world’s leading air conditioning company from Japan. The brand’s ACs ensure comfort and safety with their excellent range of products. At Daikin, innovation is always a priority; therefore, its products feature some of the best-in-class technological developments.

Daikin’s product range currently includes split, cassette, floor-standing and ducted ACs.
Contact a Daikin AC dealer now for more information.


Again, let’s talk about one of the leading brands. Godrej has been popularly known for decades as an industry leader in appliances. The company’s range of air conditioners is fully loaded with eco-friendly and intelligent technology for perfect home cooling. Currently, Godrej offers split, window, smart, UV excellent and eco-friendly air conditioners.
Here are the contact details of Godrej Air conditioner dealers. Reach out for more information: Godrej AC Dealers in India.


As the number 1 brand of major appliances worldwide, Haier has been at the top position in this industry for over 13 years. The company is best known for introducing its innovative products with revolutionary technologies. Every product from this brand stands true to the philosophy of ‘Inspired living’ and is designed to meet customers' daily needs. 

Currently, Haier offers Split AC, Window AC and Tower AC.


This brand is known for introducing some of the best technological advancements for its products. For example, a tropical inverter technology comes with a unique variable-speed tropical compressor. Of course, comfort is a given, but Hitachi also focuses on peace of mind, vitality and integrated technology for customers.

In the air conditioners portfolio, Hitachi currently offers Inverter split AC, Fixed speed split AC, Window AC, Hot & cold AC, Cassette AC and more.


The company’s air conditioning appliances are designed to extend an unparalleled air conditioning experience. This range of products comes loaded with smart features such as 4D express cooling, Wireless control and much more. Lloyd’s niche across the country is a testimony to the impeccable quality standards with unmatched products.

For air conditioners, Lloyd offers a range of Split ACs, Window, Portable, Tower and Cassette ACs.
Get in touch with a Lloyd AC specialist now for more information.

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