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With time and technology, training equipment in gymnastics has constantly been evolving. The rising demand for athletes, coaches and fitness practitioners is considered and met with innovative solutions. From simple mats and balanced beams, we have come a long way. Several brands have innovated in the space with products such as tumbling tracks and high-tech trampolines. These new offerings are changing the way that gymnasts train and compete. One such latest innovation in this industry is the Airtrack. It is a type of equipment that is becoming increasingly popular among gymnasts across all levels. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Airtrack.

About Airtrack

Airtrack is owned by the parent company ADA Worldwide. They have been a pioneer in the wellness and leisure industry. The company was incorporated in 2006 and has diversified into various segments. 

What is Airtrack?

With Airtrack, ADA Worldwide takes a step further in making gymnastics training easier, more accessible and more feasible.

Airtrack is an inflatable tumbling mat designed to function across functional training, yoga, fitness, physiotherapy and more. This product is becoming increasingly popular among fun lovers and sports. Unlike traditional tumbling tracks, the airtrack is made of air-filled, durable material. Therefore, the hassle of working with dense foam-filled hard equipment is no more an issue. 
Overall, imagine a yoga mat or a workout floor of sorts, but inflated! Wonderful, right? That’s what an Airtrack is! 

Why Airtrack?

Versatility for usage is one of the biggest advantages of Airtrack. One can use this product for various gymnastic skills, including vaulting, tumbling and trampoline. The air track suits all skill levels, from beginner to advanced athletes. The air track's design, material and build are appropriate to support all gymnasts' activities. 
Another advantage of Airtrack is portability. Wouldn’t it be fun if your gymnast equipment could travel with you? It’s now possible with Airtrack. Unlike traditional trampolines or tumbling tracks that are fixated on the floor, the Airtrack allows easy inflating and deflating. Hence, it is very easy to move and store the equipment. The Airtrack proves ideal for people who need permanent vacant space as they can inflate the equipment when in use and keep it later.
The air-filled design of the Airtrack is another unique feature that makes the product a must-have. Shifting from the dense foam of traditional equipment, the Airtrack provides a cushioned and soft base that is gentle for the muscles and joints. As a result, the landing impact and risk of injury are reduced to a minimum, and Airtrack is an ideal training tool for all ages.
There’s more to the air-filled design than what meets the eye. For example, Airtrack allows a customisable level of firmness. So, depending on the inflation level, one can adjust to choose between the firmer and softer surface of the Airtrack. So, when different training skills need different support levels, the Airtrack comes in handy for all needs. On the other hand, traditional tumbling equipment made from a single foam piece does not allow such adjustments. 
Along with these benefits, the Airtrack is also very durable. This product's heavy-duty, reinforced material can withstand rigorous gymnastics training effects. Therefore, the Airtrack proves to be a long-lasting training investment.
On the safety front, Airtrack does exceedingly well. Several details like non-slip surfaces, safety valves, reinforced streams, and more help provide a safe training environment with the Airtrack. This point is crucial for young gymnasts just starting their training. In addition, the fact that this Airtrack generates a highly balanced bounce with a sturdy landing makes it the safest training product. 

Airtrack Usage

Various activities where the Airtrack comes in handy are yoga, slip-n-slide, gymnastics training, water gym, water floating, martial arts and parkour. This can be utilised for personal training at home, recreational activities at corporate spaces, fitness centres, schools, colleges, hotels and more.

Airtrack Variants

Smart Start Series

This is the best choice if you use the air track for personal usage and home training. The options under this series are compact and portable to fit in a standard room and can be used as an accessory anywhere.

Super Pro Series

With a broader and thicker base, the Airtrack variants in this category are the best choice for fundamental to professional requirements. These are best suited for families and small group activities.

Super Xtreme Series

These are best suited for big open areas, commercial usage and recreational activities. In addition, the products in this series can be utilised for resorts and parks.

Airtrack Material

This superior training equipment uses DWF material to achieve a bouncy and sturdy feeling. Talking about the base cloth, the inside of the Airtrack uses the newest V-drop stick technology for superior elasticity and inflation. Additionally, the edging of Airtrack is made with carbon fibre for a lighter and more durable PVC mounting.

Airtack For B2B

Organisations like hotels, gyms, training institutes and event operators can use the Airtrack for varied purposes.

The Airtrack allows scope for innovation with multiple recreational activities.

For the industries mentioned above, customer experience is one of the utmost priorities, and Airtrack can help achieve that.

Exclusive Airtrack training is one more offering by the company that offers the organisation of special events by providing professional consultation on a contractual basis.

What Do You Get?

With every Airtrack order, customers receive the following:

  • A selected Airtrack product
  • A multi-purpose carry bag
  • One instant repair kit
  • One instruction manual
  • One electrical pump is based on the model chosen.
Overall, the Airtrack is truly a game-changing innovation in the fitness and training space. Its concept, design, durability and features are all made to fit the needs of gymnasts across all skill levels. Whether you are a coach, practitioner, or just starting, the Airtrack is a practical and fun way to explore the endless possibilities of training.

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