Best Genetics Courses And Best Colleges In India

Top Colleges for Genetics in India, Best Genetics Courses

Gone are the days when conventional courses were India's only options for educational pursuits. With time, there has been tremendous development and various opportunities for higher studies. Today, there are innumerable options for students with varying interests. One such option is a course on Genetics.

Basics of Genetics

It is a branch of biology that focuses on the study of the DNA of organisms. It is concerned with how DNA manifests as genes and how they are inherited by offspring and passed on. The study and degree of genetics teach various topics relating to heredity. For example, it explains the passing of genetic information from parents to offspring and the study of genetic diseases and disorders. 
With a multi-dimensional learning approach focusing on advanced organic chemistry, biology and physics, genetics students go on to develop effective drugs for genetic diseases and disorders. Popular applications of this field include the development of better medicine, criminal forensics and agricultural innovation. 
Genetics graduates usually find jobs in clinical research, laboratory technicians, science writing, epidemiology and medical sales representatives. Furthermore, the area of expertise also depends on genetics specialisations.

Best Genetics Courses and Colleges In India

Human Genetics and Molecular Biology from Bharathiar University

This course is covered under the primary science research department of the university in Coimbatore. The course structure includes Medical biochemistry, cell biology, signalling, principles of human genetics, molecular genetics, cancer genetics, immunogenetics, bioethics and biosafety.
After completing this course, students can learn about the inheritance of human patterns, the role of genetic changes for disorders, the capability to manipulate the mutated diseases genes and become a genetics counsellor. This is a full-time, on-campus course of 24 months that commences in April 2023.

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Biomedical Sciences from the University of Delhi

This is a Master’s Programme that endeavours to provide excellent training in the field with an emphasis on basic concepts and rapid development. It is a full-time, 2-year, on-campus course at the University of Delhi.
The Biomedical Sciences course is based and prescribed according to the University of Delhi’s semester system. It has a total of 16 semesters, with 4 in each. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the course of the biomedical sciences also offers hands-on experience to students in the forefront areas of the field.
In terms of course structure, there is equal emphasis on all areas of study. The course includes Organic chemistry, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Medical Microbiology and Genetics.

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Biomedical Genetics from Vellore Institute of Technology

This postgraduate course helps students apply and develop engineering solutions catering to social and contemporary human issues. The same is done with realistic constraints for present needs with modern tools.
Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) aims to inculcate ethical and professional standards, teamwork spirit, practical communication skills and a multidisciplinary approach for successful careers. The program structure includes cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, principles of genetics, human immunology, human molecular genetics, developmental genetics and Human Anatomy and Physiology.

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Biotechnology from Bharathiar University

The inception of the department of biotechnology at this university happened in 1992 under the leadership of Prof. K. Swaminathan, a Microbiologist and Prof. R. Boopathy, a Biochemist. This course in biotechnology is an on-campus, 24 months course.
This course fosters research and development in significant disciples like Molecular Toxicology, Molecular microbiology, Plant genetic engineering and plant metabolic engineering. On completion, students are expected to gain outcomes such as critical thinking, application of scientific skills, inculcating research aptitude and more.
The program structure includes cell and molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, biochemistry, immunology, developmental physiology and recombinant DNA.

Health Sciences students from Savitribai Phule Pune University

This course combines skills and knowledge of epidemiology and public health with lab-based skills in biochemistry, microbiology, genetics and molecular biology. This 24-month, full-time course commences in September 2023. From an overview, this course is highly interdisciplinary and involves a population-based approach to studying disease and health. As it is, biostatistics and epidemiology courses focus on computer-based training with primary data collection from urban and rural settings, hospitals and public sector health facilities.
Students of this course must undergo mandatory training in laboratory methods in the field of health sciences. This includes advanced training in biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, immunology and molecular biology.
After successful completion, students can explore career opportunities in molecular epidemiology and pharmaceutical research fields. The program covers human physiology, infectious disease control, nutrition and public health, immunology, human genetics, pharmacology and bioethics.

Work Experience For Genetics Courses

Some genetics courses offer on-course placement years in a research institute. This way, students have the option to get great insight into the real-life scene and can also build a network. If a course does not offer such an option, it is advisable to look for opportunities and make the most of them.
Before completing a course in the genetics field, it is good to gain some experience in academia and the industry. By doing so, students understand their preferences and likes somewhat. One can either work temporarily in a healthcare environment or explore other career ideas. The work and experience at laboratories also come in handy for genetics students.
Alternatively, students can volunteer with organisations specialising in researching genetic conditions or inherited disorders. Most genetics-related careers are based in healthcare services and sectors after completion. Therefore, typical employers of these students tend to be hospitals, universities and pharma companies.
However, new opportunities are also unfolding in food and drink companies, research institutes, the beauty industry and consultancy companies. Alternatively, initiatives related to biological sciences also offer options. Therefore, keep a watch on biomedical research, biotechnology, horticulture conservation and environmental assessment.
Looking at the current statistics, the top 5 jobs held by genetics graduates are in the fields of social science professionals. Secondly, genetics students are engaged in the areas of science, engineering and product technicians. In conclusion, the opportunities are manifold, and some are yet to be discovered.

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