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In today’s time, a computer has become essential for the majority of Indian households. While a significant population is diverting to laptops, the number of computer users is also quite high. Indeed, you are aware that a computer comes with several units, such as the monitor, CPU, keyboard, and mouse. Just like all electronic products, a CPU produces heat which may impact the motherboard. At such a time, a computer cabinet comes to the rescue.
Most commonly, computers come with a standard design. On the other hand, custom requirements also vary to suit customers' specific needs. In such cases, a computer cabinet can be used to accommodate the add-ons. Furthermore, these also come with decent cooling systems to house the high-performing appliances within. 
Now, given that the Indian market is diverse, there are several options available for computer cases But, one should make the final choice based on their specific requirements. It is always best to go with a good brand. So, we’ve compiled a guide for you with the list of best computer cabinet brands in India:

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Foxin Computer Cabinet

This brand is hosted under the umbrella of Balaji Solutions Pvt. Ltd. This Indian brand prioritizes innovation and quality, committed to developing high-quality products. Furthermore, the brand has also established successful collaborations with international brands. 
The company’s product portfolio includes multiple products such as Smartwatches, Audio products, Computer peripherals, and Mobile accessories. Specifically, under computer peripherals, Foxin deals in PC, Gaming, and Laptop products. 
The PC cabinets are further divided into Gaming and standard cabinets categories. Currently, the brand offers 17 different kinds of models. Coming to the features, these cabinets get a mid-tower structure, heavy metal build, aesthetic design, easy installation, standard USB ports, and built-in fans for superior cooling.
In terms of pricing, these are quite affordable and fall at Rs. 1200 to Rs. 3000. Get your Foxin PC cabinet now. Here is a list of Foxin dealers in India:

Foxin Store Locator: Foxin Computer Cabinet Dealers 

Intex Computer Cabinet

A famous player in the technological appliance industry, Intex technologies was incorporated in 1996. This consumer electronics company deals in a wide range of products. To enable tech excellence for each Indian, Intext technology develops superior quality products.
The company has an established PAN India presence with several branch officers, dealers, distributors, and service touchpoints. The company’s product portfolio includes Smartwatches, LED TV, Speakers, Mobile accessories, Personal Care, Home Appliances, Mobiles, and IT Accessories. 
Coming to PC Cabinets, Intex offers multiple options differing in size, features, and looks. These come with ATX Supply, SMPS power supply, and headphone and mic front panel in terms of features.
Furthermore, some Intex cabinet models get one external hard drive, three internal hard drives, SATA power supply, USB, headphones, and Mic panels. The company also provides a two years warranty for these products.
Intex also deals in several gaming cabinets. These are built with heavy-duty and sturdy mid towers. Furthermore, the Intex gaming cabinets are compatible with ATX, m-ATX, and m-ITX motherboards, extending with as many as seven expansion slots. These also get two colored LED fans with a dust filter and a highly efficient airflow design.
Finally, for pricing, the Intex cabinets range between Rs. 2199 to Rs. 2599. For gaming cabinets, the pricing falls in the range of Rs. 4,699 to Rs. 6799. If you are searching for an affordable and feature-rich computer cabinet, get one from Intex now. Here is a list of Intex dealers in India:

Intex Store Locator: Intex Computer Cabinet Dealers 

Zebronics Computer Cabinet

Again on the list of the best computer cabinet brands in India is Zebronics, a renowned name. The company was first founded in 1197 in Chennai. It is best known for its Excellence, Reliability, and Quality. Above all, Zebronics has earned 93 awards in the last few years, justifying its reputation as one of the top industry players in the segment. 
Over the years, the company has excelled with constant innovation. Today, Zebronics has an established network of 1200+ people across 25 offices in the country. Moreover, the company’s retail presence extends to over 50,000+ locations. 
Coming to Zebronics’ product portfolio, there is a  multitude of categories, including Audio products, Peripherals, Accessories, Smart home products, Personal grooming, and Surveillance products. Under computer Peripherals, Zebronics deals in Cabinets, Power supplies, Gaming products, Power solutions, Monitors, Keyboards, mice, Motherboards, Web cameras, Mics, SSDs, and more. ( Related Article: Which is Worth Buying Mouse: Wired or Wireless? Best Mouse Companies in India)
Specifically considering cabinets, the Zebronics models are further divided into Gaming cabinets, Intermediate cabinets, Reduced height cabinets, and Slim cabinets. 

Starting with Zebronics intermediate cabinets, these are equipped with a perforated side panel, Front USB and audio slots, and a heavy-duty case. These also support micro ATX and mATX motherboards. 
Secondly, the Zebronics Gaming cabinets are technologically superior, with a chassis to support ITX/Micro and ATX. These also come with a textured finish and an 80MM rear fan. In addition, these also ensure compatibility with multiple SSD and HDD devices.
Finally, the slim cabinets and reduced height cabinets are conceptualized to serve customized requirements. These can fit in varying compact spaces. These Zebronics computer cabinets get mATX Motherboard compatibility, Front USB, and audio ports in terms of features. Perforated front and side panels, Cooing fans, HDD and SSD support, and more. 
Finally, the price of these PC cabinets falls in the range of Rs. 1099 to Rs. 4399. Get a suitable computer cabinet to accommodate your needs. Here is a list of dealers in India:

Zebronics Store Locator: Zebronics Computer Cabinet Dealers  
In conclusion, one should always make a wise choice for buying a computer cabinet after careful consideration of the following factors:
  1. Case compatibility and Form factor: 
    Not all computer cabinets are made equally. Different models by different companies offer varying builds and sizes. One can commonly find options for a full tower, mid-tower, micro ATX, and Mini ITX.

  2. Motherboard Compatibility:
    This is one of the most essential factors of consideration. Computer cabinets in India are technologically equipped to go with Extended ATX, Standard ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX motherboards. 

  3. Other Compatibility Factors: 
    To make sure that other components also fit inside your computer cabinet, one must consider the Graphics card length, Air CPU cooler height, and the Liquid cooling radiator size.

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