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Which mouse is worth buying: Wired or Wireless? The answer to the question will be both, depending on the usage and priority.

Wired and wireless mice function similarly. Then which one is best for you? Well, both mice can be a perfect choice, depending on the purpose they are going to serve. Every gadget comes with some advantages and some limitations, different speeds, and the most preferred freedom of movement.

On both sides, we have multiple choices of wireless as well as wired hence, it is difficult to choose between a quickly-responding wired mouse and ultra-portable fancy wireless. So, let's compare wired and wireless mice and find out how to prioritize.

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Working Style of Wired and Wireless Mouse

  • Wired Mouse: We have already used this classic basic wired mouse on a laptop or computer to control the user interface. It is the easiest way actually that uses a cable to connect a device. It doesn't use any batteries but draws power from the device instead of just plugging it in.

  • Wireless Mouse: As indicated, a wireless mouse doesn't have a wired connection. The work function is similar to a wired mouse but without any cable to connect your laptop or computer. It works on Bluetooth, sensor, or Wi-Fi. Easier to carry and break the barrier of wire, this device is powered by AA or AAA batteries or rechargeable built-in lithium-ion batteries. Sometimes, a wireless mouse may include a charging cable that temporarily turns the wired mouse.

Advantages of Wired Mouse

The main benefit of a wired mouse is its precise and faster response than the wireless one. Even, it doesn’t require to be charged. Importantly, a wired mouse is cheaper. On the other hand, it uses a cable that limits movement. After all these, we have listed some advantages and disadvantages of a wired mouse. 
  1. High speeds: Apparently, both wired and wireless mice have similar speeds, but the difference feels when you’re using them for games. The speed also depends on which mouse you choose for which use. The wired mouse has a stable connection and is more responsive.

  2. Price: A wired mouse is always cheaper than a wireless one because of its easy functionality and less hardware to work. Although, people prefer to buy a wireless mouse compared to a wire one. Despite the higher price, the future of wireless mice looks bright as the technology becomes more widespread. 

  3. Convenience: A wired mouse doesn’t require batteries or have to worry about a cable. It has a simple theory of plug-and-play nature. For game lovers, a wired mouse is a great choice for an uninterrupted game but with a little hassle. 

Disadvantages of Wired Mouse

Usually, the wired mouse is more popular among those who want stability in work but with the growth of technology, we have to consider disadvantages also. 

  1. Limited range: The length of the cable in a wired mouse is the main drawback and it also determines how far you can sit from your device to operate it. For game lovers, it is quite difficult to stay so close to the screen and play with the same enthusiasm. But the limited range doesn’t bother those who tend to sit closer to their screens.

  2. Durability: Considering prone to breaking the cable, it is the weakest point of a wired mouse. Also, a wired mouse is not a good option while traveling as it may get tangled in transit. However, we have an option to buy a mouse with a detachable cable which will mitigate this issue. 

  3. Comfort: The cabled mouse is not much comfortable to use due to its wire. As well during video games, unwanted friction can slow down your response time. 
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Advantages of Wireless Mouse

There are many reasons to opt for a wireless mouse. Here are some of the main advantages.

  1. Freedom to move: First, a mouse can be used at a distance of up to 9 meters. It makes the easier management for daily usage with no cord arrangements. With a wireless mouse, you’re free to move away from your desk and don’t need to worry about tangled or stuck cables. Furthermore, the key benefits of a wireless mouse are during presentations or collaborating on-screen with colleagues.

  2. More space to work: The wireless mouse doesn’t require a cord hence it makes your desk neater and clearer. And it’s easy to place the mouse at your convenience as central to your body as possible.

  3. Reduces clutter on the desk: If you love the minimalist desk, then a wireless mouse is the boon. It looks clean and modern on your desk without any wires taking up valuable room. Also, you need not worry about wires getting caught up with other belongings.

Disadvantages of Wireless Mouse

Despite many advantages, the wireless mouse has some potential disadvantages of using a wireless mouse.
  1. Replacement batteries: The main disadvantage of a battery-operated wireless mouse is to keep replacing the batteries. It could be costly in the long run. 

  2. Slower Speed: A wireless mouse can be slightly slower than a wired mouse due to interference. Usually, the speed is not generally noticeable if you’re busy doing daily cores and use offline software. This may be for gamers or for those who require absolute precision in time.

  3. Charging issue: The wired mouse has a constant power supply hence we even can’t think about charging. Instead, a wireless mouse is not plugged into a power source, hence, inevitably requires recharging. However, the battery life of a wireless mouse is quite long, but that doesn't eliminate the risk of a dead mouse.


It’s completely your call. Both have a solid case for opting. Ultimately you have to consider your specific needs and preferences to choose the best mouse according to your usage and requirement. For a minimalistic workstation, wireless is the best choice. For gamers, designers, and everyone else who needs reliability and precision in work, opt for a wired mouse. Here we have selected the best mouse companies in India, check them out, and choose the best one for you.

Sr No Company Dealer Locator
1 Cooler Master Cooler Master Mouse Dealers in India
2 Dell Dell Mouse Dealers in India
3 Foxin Foxin Mouse Dealers in India
4 Frontech Frontech Mouse Dealers in India
5 Gigabyte Gigabyte Mouse Dealers in India
6 HP HP Mouse Dealers in India
7 iBall iBall Mouse Dealers in India
8 Lenovo Lenovo Mouse Dealers in India
9 Logitech Logitech Mouse Dealers in India
10 Microsoft Microsoft Mouse Dealers in India
11 Razer Razer Mouse Dealers in India
12 Targus Targus Mouse Dealers in India
13 Xiaomi Mi Xiaomi Mi Mouse Dealers in India
14 Zebronics Zebronics Mouse Dealers in India

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