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Power surges and voltage fluctuations remain one of the most evident issues even in today’s India. Many areas in the country still experience unwanted power fluctuations. In such cases, a voltage stabilizer has become the need of the hour. It plays a significant role in ensuring a consistent power supply and protecting your appliances and gadgets. 
Most voltage stabilizers work with a motor that moves a shaft attached to it in both directions. This process creates an effect resulting in voltage changes. 
It allows all appliances in your house to respond better to voltage fluctuations. The lack of it can cause overvoltage, permanent damage, overheating, and more. But, a voltage stabilizer comes to the rescue. So, let’s understand its fundamentals, uses, and benefits in detail.

What Is A Voltage Stabiliser?

All electronic appliances are manufactured and designed to operate with a backing of a certain voltage for maximum efficiency, known as operating voltage. A voltage stabilizer is an electronic device that ensures the correction of the voltage of these devices to provide a safe and secure power supply. Therefore, it is crucial to prevent the possible damage caused by home appliances and equipment in cases of fluctuation.

Use of a Voltage Stabilizer

This device functions for the regulation of the fluctuating input before it can be fed to the load. In cases of single-phase supply, the voltage output stays in the range of 220-230 V. Likewise, in three-phase supply, it increases to 380-400 V. The regulation function is carried by buck and boost operations. 

Benefits Of Voltage Stabilizers

Regulated Power Supply

Voltage stabilizers ensure a constant and consistent check on output voltages by controlling the alternating functions. A digital stabilizer performs the same function with the readings appearing in digital format, with the needle moving in an upward and downward motion.

Consistent Power Efficiency

Fluctuations resulting from high or low voltage levels can cause several severe issues. Therefore, voltage stabilization ensures smooth and consistent functioning, keeping the voltage levels intact. Even under adverse conditions, a stabilizer provides an uninterrupted power supply.

Prevent Permanent Damage to Appliances

As discussed, every electrical device is designed to function at a specific voltage level. However, frequent fluctuations hamper this smooth working and results in equipment damage. Over the long run, this may also become permanent. Whereas a stabilizer shields your appliances, minimizing the chances of malfunction and helping increase the lifespan of electrical appliances

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Risk Avoidance

In many cases, high power fluctuations can lead to electrical accidents. Generally, the problem becomes more evident in high machinery industries where all instruments work under proper voltage levels. In cases of voltage issues, fire risks and accidents pose a significant threat. At such times, voltage stabilizers come into the picture and act as a detector for the immediate management of risks.

Reduced Power Bill

Voltage stabilizers ensure efficient power usage. Hence, the power consumption can be adequate and consistent with a voltage stabilizer. Eventually, they help you reduce power bills.

Low Maintenence Costs

The frequency of maintenance for voltage stabilizers is much less and ensures reduced maintenance costs. This benefit is specifically advantageous for diversified sectors as voltage stabilizers are cost-effective and user-friendly. 

Diversified Applications

Several voltage stabilizers are used for varying applications. Depending on the type, this device can be used in several appliances.

Best Stabilizer Companies In India

Multiple companies in India offer good-quality electronic stabilizers if you are looking for voltage stabilizers for your electronic appliances. Let’s look at the list in detail.

Crompton Voltage Stabilizer

As you might already be familiar with the name, Crompton is one of the leading consumer companies in the country with over 90+ years of legacy and experience. The company caters to two business segments- Crompton lighting and Electrical consumer durables. 
Crompton's product portfolio offers a wide range of consumer products and power solutions. Under the latter, the brand excels in Home USP systems, Voltage stabilizers, and batteries. Get your hands on the Crompton voltage stabilizer dealers in India.

Microtek Voltage Stabilizer

The company is a renowned player in the country’s power product market. Furthermore, it is also India’s top, most trusted, and preferred brand. Today, the company offers Solar energy, Power backup solutions, Wires, Cables, Health care, and more. 
Specifically for voltage stabilizers, Microtek offers a range of energy-efficient, automatic voltage stabilizers. These are all equipped with unique features and run on save power technology. In terms of offerings, Microtek provides voltage stabilizers for AC, TV, refrigerators, and mainlines. Here is a list of Microtek voltage stabilizer dealers in India.

Safe Stab Voltage Stabilizer

The company is one of the leading, renowned manufacturers of high-quality electronic and electrical instruments used for several purposes. They function with a philosophy of better quality and reliable voltage regulation. Since its inception, Safe Stab has been very particular about consistent research and development. 
For the product portfolio, Safe Stab offers various categories such as Digital voltage stabilizers, Automatic voltage stabilizers, Servo voltage stabilizers, and Air cooled servo stabilizers. Find the contact details for Safe Stab voltage stabilizer dealers in India.

V-Guard Voltage Stabilizer

Originating in 1977, the company was started with a vision to build a strong brand that could make a difference in the electronic goods industry. Rapidly, the company started becoming a synonym for voltage stabilizers in India. 
For their product portfolio, VGuard offers stabilizers for ACs, Digital stabilizers for smart and LED TVs. Stabilizers for refrigerators, stabilizers for TV, Music systems, and CRTs. Additionally, stabilizers for washing machines, ovens, dishwashers, treadmills, and mainline stabilizers are also some of the exceptional offerings of the brand. 

Whirlpool Voltage Stabilizer

A subsidiary of the Whirlpool corporation, the company is committed to being the best laundry and kitchen company. The company is also one of the largest manufacturers and marketers of India’s home appliances, with three manufacturing facilities in Pune, Pondichery, and Faridabad. 
Whirlpool embraces the philosophy of Everyday care and is committed to providing innovative and meaningful solutions for customers. The company’s vision is to be the best kitchen and laundry company with a constant pursuit of improving the home life of customers. 
Ensure the efficient functioning of your electrical devices with Whirlpool voltage stabilizers. Here is a list of Whirlpool Voltage Stabilizer dealers in India.

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