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As the Monsoon season hits the country, it escalates the possibility of power outages across cities. At such a time, a UPS inverter becomes an inevitable necessity. It is a great power backup option in a power outage. Customers can choose from Online UPS and Line Interactive UPS according to their needs. Moreover, a UPS inverter also comes to the rescue to help operate your computer devices in times of power shortage. 

However, a UPS inverter requires proper and timely repair and maintenance like any other appliance. Therefore, to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of your devices, it is best to choose a well-equipped UPS inverter. 
As the years go by, the wear and tear affects your UPS inverter and might require repairs. Several issues might include the liquid contamination of batteries, blockage in vacuum equipment enclosures, thermal scans, circuit breaks, and more.

Hence, it is best to opt for regular maintenance and repairs to avoid long-term damage. 
Furthermore, getting your hands on a trusted UPS inverter from a well-known brand is a wise option. If you are looking for one, here is a list of all your best options with the best UPS service providers in India:

Foxin UPS Issues and Repair

Functioning under the parent group, Balaji Solutions Pvt Ltd, Foxin is committed to developing high-quality products, backed with strong R&D. The company is renowned for having the upper hand in IT Hardware and mobility products industry. 
The company deals in an extensive range of products such as Audio, Computer Peripherals, Smart Watches, and Mobile accessories. Now specifically coming to Foxin UPS inverters, it offers three options for the same.
In terms of features, these UPS inverters offer uninterrupted power supply, better load capacities, battery overload protection, short circuit protection, cold start functionality, AVR technology, LED indicator, an alarm, and a long battery backup.

The prices for these range between Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2800. Here is a list of Foxin UPS inverter service centers in India:

Foxin UPS Repair Center: Foxin Service Center Locator

Intex UPS Issues and Repair

You’ve undoubtedly heard about Intex technologies. This company was established in 1996 and is the country’s largest consumer electronics company. Intext aims at helping customers access the latest connected technology at affordable prices.
Currently, the company’s product portfolio includes a wide range of products in the categories of Consumer durables, IT Accessories, Speakers, Mobile accessories, Personal care, and Medical products.
For Intext UPS inverter, currently hosts three different products. These can connect up to three other devices at a time. In terms of features, the Intext UPS inverters get a massive power capacity, minimum noise levels, three output sockets, AVR technology, DVR support, and more.

Finally, these products are priced between Rs. 3499 to Rs. 8000. Access this list of Intex UPS inverter dealers in India:

Intex UPS Repair Center: Intex Service Center Locator

Luminous UPS Issues and Repair

Third, our list of best UPS service providers in India is Luminous technologies. It has been functioning as a trustworthy and powerful brand in the country for several decades. The company aims to ensure customer delight through passion and innovation.
Luminous Technologies’ product portfolio is spread across Power Solutions, Solar Products, Home Electrical Products, and more categories. For example, Luminous Technologies offers a range of options for online UPS products under Power Solutions.
Luminous UPS Inverters are further categorized into LB Series, LB-XL Series, LD-T Series, and LD series. These UPS inverters come with state-of-the-art features and deliver a continuous power supply. Furthermore, these also protect against downtime, data loss, power outages, and corruption.
Now coming to the features, the extensive range of Luminous UPS inverters are equipped with the Smart charge feature, AVR technology, Longer battery life, Fast charging, and Intelligent continuous charging technology. Furthermore, these inverters also get a microcontroller-based design, a Selectable charging current, a Cold start function, a Built isolation transformer, Input power factor correction, and a wide input voltage range. Here’s a list of Luminous Inverter Dealers in India:

Luminous UPS Repair Center: Luminous Service Center Locator

Microtek UPS Issues and Repair

As the country’s most trusted and preferred brand, Microtek offers the best-in-class products in the segment. Additionally, the brand is a pioneer in the power backup industry and is known as a technology innovator. 
The dedicated product offerings from Microtek range across the categories of Power Backup solutions, Voltage solutions, Solar energy products, Circuit protection devices, Lightning products, E-Vehicle chargers, and more.
Now talking about Microtek UPS inverters, it is the only brand manufacturing and offering interactive UPS devices in the country. Interesting, right? Let us get into the details and know more about the Online and Line-interactive UPS inverters.
Firstly, Microtek offers a range of 1KVA to 40KVA-based Online UPS inverters. These are further categorized into High-frequency Series, Max+ series, Super max+ series, Max life series, and Imaxx series. 
The Line Interactive UPS inverters are categorized into In-built and External battery models. These get optimum reliability, AVR function, Voltage stabilization, Discharge, and overcharge functions. Ranking high on affordability, the Microtek UPS inverters are priced between Rs. 2000- Rs.8000. Get a Microtek UPS inverter from this list of dealers in India:

Microtek UPS Repair Center: Microtek Service Center Locator

V-Guard UPS Issues and Repair

Carrying a legacy of decades, V Guard was established back in 1977. The company’s operations started with the manufacturing of voltage stabilizers and soon extended into a range of products. With innovation as the priority, V-Guard manufactures thoughtfully engineered products conceptualized to enable simplified home solutions.
Currently, V-Guard deals in multiple product categories, including Digital UPS, Inverter and Inverter Batteries, Solar water heaters, Agricultural pumps, Electric water heaters, Industrial motors, Switchgears, Distribution boards, Induction cooktops, and Solar Power systems. 
Regarding V-Guard UPS inverters, the company offers four different product options. These differ in terms of output and capacity.

For features, the V Guard UPS inverters get Excellent output voltage and capacity, Pseudo Shine wave output waveform, Visual and Audio indications, In build ZPD technology, Two computer applications, Off mode battery charging, High voltage protection, and a long backup time.
Furthermore, the V Guard UPS inverters are a great addition to your home systems, equipped with home networking hardware and an automatic voltage regulation facility. To sum it up, these offer a great combination of appealing design, fantastic utility, and affordable pricing. Here is a list of V Guard UPS inverters in India:

V-Guard UPS Repair Center: V-Guard Service Center Locator

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