Great Deals And Discount Offers From Various Brands This Republic Day

Republic Day Sale 2023, Deals and Discount Offers

India’s 74th republic day is just around the corner. Amid all kinds of celebrations, various brands also join each year, offering great deals and discounts for their customers. Even in general, it is a common shopping mentality that purchasing festivities help save more. Regardless of the kind of product you want, there’s a scope for great offers on republic day.
Looking at the current times and trends, significant purchases of the Indian audience are either for electronics or automobiles. So, let’s get into the details and look at republic day deals and offers for brands in these segments.


Samsung is one brand that is always on the radar of tech enthusiasts. With an extensive global footprint, the brand has been present in India for a long time. So, each household owned a Samsung product at some other time. 
Throughout the years, Samsung has been at the forefront of bringing the latest technological advancements with its products. Just last year, the brand made noise with the introduction of its Fold and Flip smartphones.
In terms of product categories, Samsung offers several home appliances and electronics. For example, the company deals in mobiles, TV & AVs, Laptops and Monitors, Refrigerators, Washing machines, Vacuum cleaners, Cooking appliances, Dishwashers, Air purifiers, Air conditioners, Smartwatches and more.
So, whether you want to upgrade your old phone, buy a new smartwatch or invest in a new home appliance, Samsung has great deals and discounts for Republic day. There’s up to 37% off on the brand’s smartwatch.


Another electronics brand on our list is Realme. Founded in 2018, Realme has made a real impact in the Indian market quickly. With a leap forward in technology and design, the brand has positioned its products exceptionally well.
Currently, Realme is operational in 61+ markets globally. In March last year, Realme also emerged as one of the fastest-growing 5G brands, with a 165% growth rate. Above all, the brand’s offerings are quite affordable and hence, suitable for the mass market.
The various product categories from Realme include Smartphones, TVs, Smart TV sticks, Soundbars, Laptops and tablets, wired and wireless audio equipment, Bluetooth speakers and smart wearables. 
For Republic day, you can get great deals and discounts on Realme products. But, of course, the most beneficial purchases could be the brand’s wireless air buds and smartwatches with some super savings.

Ola Electric

Been waiting to purchase an electric scooter? Republic day is the right time for you. Since its initial launch, Ola Electric’s scooters have gained immense popularity among the audience. In fact, they also got record-breaking bookings before the scooter even rolled out in the market.
Currently, the brand has three models on offer: the Ola S1, Ola S1 Air and Ola S1 Pro. You can choose the most suitable specs for your experience depending on your requirements. On this republic day, Ola will roll out offers for its EVs.
Earlier around the launch phase, as the electric vehicles industry was booming, several government subsidies offered pricing relaxations for customers. Some EV subsidies still apply in some areas of the country. 
If you are planning to purchase an Ola Electric scooter around Republic day, planning to visit the brand’s electrifying experience centres is a good idea. You can learn about all the documentation, EMI options and more details. Also, keep an eye on the company’s website for republic day offer prices.


Moving on from electronics, automobiles in another significant category of interest for people around the festive season. This Republic day, if you are planning to welcome a new vehicle home, keep watching the offers on Mahindra.
Above all, Mahindra primarily promotes Republic day offers on tractors and products focused on farmers in the agricultural sector. So naturally, this product category links back to the growth and development of the Indian economy.
With an expertise of 7+ decades, Mahindra has been shaping the Indian automobile industry tremendously. It is currently the world’s largest tractor company and the country’s no.1 multi-brand certified used-car company. 
Mahindra Auto launched an exceptional range with the XUV series in the automobile segment. There’s XUV 700, 500, 300 and 400. The company’s official website also lets you explore the XUV 400 in Metaverse. The company also gives options to exchange your used car for a new Mahindra car and allows the customers to subscribe to a Mahindra car.

Hero Motocrorp  

Want to join the future of mobility? This Republic Day, kickstart your journey with Hero Motocorp. This Indian manufacturer is currently the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer. It is indeed a matter of pride for our country.
For a long time, two-wheelers have remained the most preferred mode of commute for the Indian audience. In a time when a car remains a luxury for a vast population of the country, a two-wheeler is the most reliable option. Being at the forefront, Hero Motocorp has actively been fulfilling this demand for the Indian audience.
Currently, the brand is offering motorcycles and scooters. In addition, Hero Motocorp has a range of practical, executive and performance bikes for the former. Collectively, this portfolio hosts more than 12 bikes. For scooters, Hero Motocorp currently offers the Pleasure Xtec +, the Maestro Edge 125, the Maestro Edge 110 and the Destini 125 Xtec.
Customers also have the option to exchange their old scooters for a new Hero Motocorp vehicle. In the week of Republic Day, keep watching the company’s official website and social media handles for more details. 


With the fast-paced adoption of online shopping, e-commerce platforms have become companies' top preferred selling mediums. Hence, customers can also find offers on such platforms. Before you decide on your final purchase, check the company’s official website and compare it with the prices on different e-commerce platforms. Specifically for Samsung and Realme electronics and home appliances, check Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, Reliance Digital and Vijay sales. Do a cost analysis, find the best prices and offers and celebrate this republic day with your new purchase.

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