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Tube lights have been the most significant illumination provider in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces for several decades. One of the biggest selling points is the versatility of tube lights. The fixtures can either be on the wall, suspended on a ceiling, or mounted directly. Additionally, the affordability and availability of tube lights are also important factors.
Enter LED tube lights, and the dynamics of the industry changed for the good. LED lights are quite durable, energy efficient, and produce very minimal heat. Furthermore, these do not contain mercury and are built from a stronger material than glass tubes. Above all, these are also better for the environment in the longer run.
Today, there are countless types, shapes, and sizes of LED lights available in the market naturally; therefore, one can get confusing, especially if you haven’t had this purchasing experience. But, don’t you worry. We’re here to make this process a smooth sail for you.

Types Of LED Tubelights

  • LED Panel Lights: These kinds of LED lights bring the best of both worlds, presenting functionality and aesthetics together. Excellent durability is one of the most significant advantages of LED Panel lights, as these can survive for several years. Secondly, the light rarely dims and remains constant to give better output than CFLs. Customers can choose from warm white, cool white, and cool daylight variants. Whether you choose LED panel lights for your home or office, the best part is that these give a neat look to your spaces.

  • LED Foot Lights: These modern forms of lighting come in different designs and shapes. As the name suggests, these are used for areas such as pathways, staircases, office lobbies, and more to illuminate upper areas. Most LED footlights are fashionably advanced and come with shiny, dust-free finishes. Additionally, these also get UV-protected polycarbonate. True to the LED badge, footlights are quite an energy efficient and come with a great deal of illumination. Above all, as the purpose calls for it, LED footlights' outstanding durability makes them suitable for usage in spaces such as lightning parks and stadiums.

  • LED Spot Lights: As the name suggests, these LED lights are designed to provide spot-specific illumination. First, tiny openings in the design of these lights help create a spot-like effect. Secondly, spotlights are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, placed on walls, ceilings, and corners. In terms of benefits, LED Spotlights are energy efficient, eco-friendly, and recyclable. Secondly, LED spotlights can turn on instantly without any delay or flicker. These are also safe, producing zero UV emission, and come in various vibrant color options.

  • LED Wall Lights: These can be among the best additions to all kinds of spaces. LED wall lights are offered in a wide range of styles and enable easy installation. These are a great option if your room requires more illumination. Though using LED wall lights in isolation is not advisable, these best complement ceiling lights. The benefits of LED wall lights include great energy savings. First, unlike incandescent lamps, LED wall lights have much lower energy consumption. Secondly, these provide improved lighting quality with a better-correlated color temperature and color rendering index. 
Okay, now that you have a fair understanding of the different kinds of lighting options, it’s time to choose the best one for your home or office spaces. However, it should be a thoughtful decision that has to be taken after consideration of the following factors:


Judging LED lights based on watts might not be a wise decision. Take into consideration that LED lights usually have highly specific reactive compounds. Instead, look for lumens to analyze the direct measure of brightness. Approximately 800 lumens is the equivalent of a 60-watt incandescent bulb. At the same time, 1600 lumens provide as much brightness as a 100-watt bulb. Ideally, look for brighter options for your office spaces. But, on the other hand, home illumination can be warmer and lighter. If you are looking for LED bulbs, here is a list of the best LED bulb companies in India.

Color Temperature

A Kelvin temperature scale is the indicator of the general shade of a white bulb, which falls between 2700 and 6500 Kelvin. A lower score indicates a warmer tone for LED lights. Likewise, a higher Kelvin score indicates a colder and bluer shade. Analyze the requirements of your space and choose an ideal shade that fits. 

Color Rendering Index

This factor measures the color accuracy of lights, with 100 being the perfect score. However, CRI is not widely used by manufacturers today. Therefore, whenever and wherever possible, choose LED lights with CRI scores in the range of 80s-90s.

Socket Check

While you amp up your spaces with new LED lighting setups, it is better and easier if the process is hassle-free. Therefore, look around your home or office and check the socket. Take a note of the size, depth, and position of these sockets to check if your new LED lighting choices can fit here.

LED Lighting For Office

When selecting the perfect lighting setup for your office, you want to be sure that these add to maximized productivity at your workspace. First, it is scientifically proven that cool white light resembling daylight boosts serotonin production. Hence, this also leads to more focus, alertness, and energy. Secondly, locate your lights at spots that would not cause unwanted glares on your computer screens

Pro tip: Go for LED lights that allow adjustability and switching of color temperature.

LED Lighting For Home

  • Living Room: Considering that the living room in an Indian house serves multiple purposes, it is essential to have a mix of adaptable lighting sources. Alternatively, the setup choice can also differ with the sizes of the rooms. Therefore, mixing differently placed LED ceiling and wall lights in your living room is a good idea.

  • Bedroom: Your bedroom is undoubtedly your calm, resting space. Hence, the lighting setup should be suitable enough to allow that. Make sure you avoid blue light waves in the bedroom. Additionally, if you are a nighttime reader or someone who prefers to have a tiny flicker on, go for smaller LED lights with softer, neutral tones. 
Additionally, when choosing the perfect LED lights for your kitchen, bathrooms, and dining rooms, check your needs first. Then, choose the best type of LED lighting that fits based on the requirements and the space available. 

LED Light Dealers

If you want to find the best-LED lights that suit the requirements of your space, we are saving you from the trouble of looking at multiple spaces. Get all the information in a click and access this list of LED light dealers in India:

LED Tubelight Dealers in India: LED Tubelights Companies and Dealers

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