Top 5 Best Treadmill Brands In India For Home Use Check Dealer Information

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In India nowadays, in each speech and every playground, the proper meaning of sports enthusiasts is being explained. If you want to buy a treadmill for your home use to make your fitness constant then let’s read more about that. There are so many amazing treadmills that come with new key features that you should be looking for. Here we have mentioned the top 5 Best Treadmill Brands in India for Home-Use along with their dealer information.

5 Best Treadmill Companies in India

One of the best benefits of the home used treadmill is that they are perfectly sized, are covered and powered by some of the best strong motors, and covered with fantastic features that produce valuable workout routine and fitness monitoring functions. Most people think that the treadmill is a very costly machine and you need to take care of that very steady without causing harm and without giving it less space, but it’s not like that. Treadmills are broadly available in 2 types - manual and motorized. For the purpose of home use, motorized treadmills with features like the inclination and folding options are a good investment.

Treadmills are versatile enough to meet the needs of you and your family member. It can work as long as you want in your home which means it doesn’t have any particular period. Also, if you are having confusion about which machine to buy, then just simply have an eye on this article covering ‘Top 5 Best Treadmill Brand in India for Home Use’ and you will get all your solutions. 

Top 5 Best Treadmill Brands in India for Home Use


Aerofit AF 413, 2.0 HP Motorized Treadmill. As we all are aware of the fact that Aerofit is an amazing fitness brand that produces maximum treadmills in India and also many other useful sports equipment. Not only a brand but now Aerofit is the most trending brand and is in demand in 2021 for its reasonable price treadmill and because of the features. 

The new Aerofit AF 413 model which has been redeveloped is a full motorized treadmill offered by the Aerofit brand for you. The company is doing pretty well in its field for the past many years and has made a perfect bond with the customers. It has all the auto inclination and digital concepts attached which are being controlled by PWM. 
This Aerofit AF 413 model varies about 2.19 x 0.36 x 0.86 meters. The very favorable advantage you get by choosing Aerofit as your brand is that it offers the machines which are outer covered with alloy steel and not by plastic. The item nearly weighs about 60000 grams and is a heavy material. The model also has some amazing four horsepower which is an exact wish for every customer. Aerofit is the only company having more than 79 centers all over India.

Be a dealer or check the complete list of Indian dealers of Aerofit Treadmill here.


Proline Fitness Company is rapidly being growing all over India. The company has been producing amazing products rapidly with some fantastic functions inside it. The new Proline fitness treadmill, model 74502A is a less space taking machine which means it fits in your home or gym. The company has now come with amazing digital functions inside the treadmill which is a great thing and the life of this treadmill is said to be as long as you become old. 


This 74502A Proline fitness treadmill is a constant electronic which never fails to give its best. Some of the best features provided by this Proline fitness 74502A are-

  • Fully motorized.
  • It comes in two variants red and black.
  • Inclination level 3 is being set up.
  • Fully digital and automatic.
  • Non- foldable but very small in size.

These amazing features make this Proline fitness treadmill a great one. The company has launched the product around 60000 but now has come down near 24,500 which is an amazing deal. It’s very difficult to get a treadmill at this price range. The treadmill is a great one, grab yours also. 



Scorpio Treadmill: As we all are aware of the fact that, fitness world offers a huge warranty on all its products which nearly ranges above 50,000. The Scorpio treadmill as the name suggests is the most amazing and top model amongst every treadmill from the fitness world treadmill company. The model Scorpio treadmill offers you the 6HP AC motor and ranges speed from 1-20 km/hr. 

The Scorpio treadmill is around 5 inches long and has an effective running surface that covers about 20 x 55 inches fully. The treadmill has also two high attached speakers with MP3 sounds and connectors. One of the best things which are mentioned on Flipkart about this Scorpio treadmill is that it has a smoother surface than all other treadmills. The company is being done very well in its field and Is awesome. The price at which they are providing treadmills is unbelievable. 

The Scorpio treadmill acts like a scorpion that lives long life without any stress and the company provides 10 years warranty on this product which means that if any problem happens with the machine then at that time only it will be changed or repaired as per the requirement. More than 50 centers are available in the fitness world all over India which satisfies their customers to the full extent. 



The Afton AT-100 motorized treadmill is an automatic machine for you which works on your commands. This Afton model of a treadmill nearly costs you about 97000 but in reality, the price is more than INR 1,20,000on the Afton website that you can get this product at the best price which is just unbelievable.

Afton Treadmill Dealers in India

Its motor range is near to 5.0Hp. The speed quality of Afton AT-100 ranges from 1-18 km. The computer display screen is near to 5 inches 5 LID display. It has a manual 24 pre-set program and has 4 moving wheels. The outer surface is covered with steel alloy. It is the most trusted brand as well as the product. The Afton AF-100 should be your choice as it has many centers in India with amazing trusted dealers. 

Be a dealer or check the complete list of Indian dealers of Afton Treadmill here.


Durafit Treadmill is one of the finest treadmills in India to have at home. This treadmill fulfills almost every exercising requirement of patients, retirees, diabetes patients, and even regular users like marathon trainers and sprinters. One of its treadmills is Durafit Spark. The 1.25 HP motor allows running at speeds up to 12 kmph. It is one of the preferred treadmills for home use due to its newly developed copper mesh core technology durable and noiseless motor which saves on power consumption too.

It has 12 pre-set programs for fitness divided into Target & Chase modes. These modes and pre-set are ideal for various users from beginners to professionals. 

The Durafit treadmills come in five models – divided into Spark, Sturdy and Serene. Spark models can bear weights up to 95 kg. Sturdy models can bear weights up to 110 kg. Serene Models can bear loads up to 110 kg. Hence, Durafit treadmills are ideal treadmills for older adults as well as the young enthusiastic.

Durafit Treadmill machines generally come with a three-year warranty on the motor and a lifetime warranty for the frame. However, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for the accessories and parts.


One may find many reputed brands of treadmills for home use available in India. If you are finding other Treadmill dealers and service centers in India, you can find them here. However, these are the Top 5 best brands of the treadmill for home use as well as for gym use. These entire brands have developed a perfect trust amongst their customers for many years and now are leading this field. Read it, think it, buy it, and give us the reviews about this post below in the comment box.

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