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Some heavenly scents have a way of exhilarating us back to our fondest, most cherished memories. Each of us has a distinct scent note that helps us feel connected to who we are. The fragrances of nostalgia range from food that smells like your mother to flowers that make you think of your grandmother's hair. 
And with time, people start to recognize your unique aroma. Periods often have their distinct smells. For instance, the pandemic's initial months reeked strongly of alcohol-based hand sanitisers. This year had odours associated with it that were happier and more lovely. Where did we learn that? We have retrieved the list of Nykaa’s top-rated scents has been retrieved. The most popular fragrances are a blend of timeless scents and those that have recently won our hearts. 
It ranges from summer in a bottle to intensely sensuous notes of love. Which of these top-selling scents was on your Nykaa shopping list in 2022?

1. Wanderlust Fragrance Body Mist

The perfume is powerful but not overpowering; it is quite reviving and will make you think of spring. You only need a few sprays of this mist to unwind your senses and take in the aroma. If sprayed on your clothing, though, the lasting power is a little bit less. This is a fantastic option for women who enjoy cherry blossom-like aromas. Given that you are receiving 200ml of product, it should last you at least five months.

2. Nykaa Love Struck Perfumes

The Nykaa Love Struck perfumes from Nykaa Beauty were released back. It is part of their budget-friendly perfume line and costs Rs. 699. Perfumes are typically quite subjective. What I may consider to be my favourite may not be yours. These scents are among the greatest inexpensive scents available in India, in my opinion. EDP is Eau De Parfum as the name implies.  
The scent series known as Love Struck will have you feeling smitten. From sneaking glances at your hot high school beloved to playing he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not and shyly giggling whenever your crush saw your covert blush. This collection preserves those adorable moments and provides you with a fragrance for each tiny emotion you experienced.

3. Moi By Nykaa Mini Pocket Perfume

People who enjoy floral scents will enjoy Moi by Nykaa since it primarily has vanilla and rose notes that are rounded off with musk and vetiver. The perfume is mostly for those who enjoy floral scents, and it occasionally gives out a harsh smell of that floral tang. Raison D’Etre Eau de Parfum is a decent all-day scent that one can bring with them on a summer date night and wear to work. 
A delicate floral scent that keeps you smelling great. Projects for 3–4 hours and stays on for a good 6 hours. I think the perfume is reasonably priced given the quantity because it comes in a nice-sized bottle with 100 ml and costs only INR 1800. The perfume occasionally emits a strong note that makes its scent fresh as well as feminine and floral. 

4. Nykaa Wanderlust Mediterranean Sea Salt Deodorant

The three deodorant varieties offered by Nykaa are French lavender, Sicilian sweet pea, and the Mediterranean Sea salt. I was especially drawn to the aroma of the salt from the Mediterranean Sea.

This fragrance is incredibly energizing and right up my alley. It can be compared to an aqua scent. Because it is not entirely feminine, I do believe this deo is more suited to unisex tastes. It fits the definition of the Mediterranean region because it does have an oceanic feel to it.

The scent has elements of sweetness and is similar to an aftershave or shower lotion that your husband or a male uses, so it tends to be neutral. The deodorant keeps you smelling fresh but isn't overbearing enough to give you a headache. Long-lasting, and it does manage the odour beneath your arms.

5. Masaba By Nykaa Perfume

Six perfumes make up Nykaa's Masaba line, each of which is a reflection of your unique personality. This collection makes sure that there is a scent for everyone, regardless of whether you are a free-spirited bird, someone who draws attention everywhere you go, or a natural leader!
  • Free Spirit: The scent entices your senses with a delicious blast of bergamot and grapefruit that is followed by a combination of pink pepper. Anything not typical, Free Spirit is the heart and soul of the celebration.  This unusual perfume leaves a delicious trail of exploration in its wake by fusing that explosion with the understated aroma of Amber, Oud, and Musk.

  • Wild For You: The perfume starts with notes of cypress and birch, which are almost like an adrenaline surge. It has the enduring aroma of suede, amber, and praline lingers like a spirit of bravery. Wild for You is the genuine deal; it is a smell that is unpolished, honest, and unafraid to explore.

  • Croc N Roll: CROC N ROLL is for the lively ones and is curated to suit your different moods and phases. While tones of musk, leather, and amber merge comfort with flashes of spontaneity. It is for those who aren't afraid to show their soul, the fruity notes of orange blossom and osmanthus express femininity.

  • Burn Babe: The fragrance surrounds you with a powerful aura after beginning with an alluring oriental and woody aroma. P  patchouli, Vetiver, and sandalwood provide soothing notes that round out the fragrance and leave you feeling energized and fearless.


You can always check out the complete fragrance range on Nykaa. If you want to know about Nykaa Store Franchise, get info here. I am sure will get the best matching your personality.

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