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No celebration is complete without good music. And, let’s admit, it hits better when the volume matches the vibe. Hence, a portable music speaker effectively enables you to carry your music anywhere you go hassle-free. This new-age convenient device comes with several unique features that make your celebrations an of its kind experience. Furthermore, small portable Bluetooth speakers are one of the most trendy devices. They are compact yet offer unmatched quality sound. 
As a lot of brands have stepped into the speaker market, there are several options available in the market today. The Bluetooth speakers are available at varying price ranges depending on the size, quality, and features. If you are looking for an excellent option to buy one, here is a list of the latest-generation Bluetooth speakers in India:

Bose Bluetooth Speaker

A very renowned name in the audio equipment industry, Bose was established in 1964. Its expertise includes home audio systems, speakers, professional audio products, and automobile sound systems. The company constantly strives to create better solutions and deliver superior products. The quality is based on solid scientific research and a focus on human interests. 
The portable speakers from Bose are designed to be a companion to people’s busy lives and are engineered with superior sound quality. Currently, there are nine product offerings in Bose’s product portfolio.
In terms of features, the portable Bluetooth speakers are durable and water-resistant. Additionally, they come with built-in voice control, Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and multi-room functionality. Get your Bose Bluetooth speaker from this list of dealers in India: Bose Bluetooth Speaker Dealers

Creative Bluetooth Speaker

As a worldwide leader in the digital entertainment products industry, this company was founded in 1981. Initially, Creative started with the vision for multimedia to revolutionize the interaction of people with their PCs. 
Creative is a globally renowned leader in product innovation in the PDE and audio segments. The company offers a high-quality digital experience through the combination of notable software and hardware, balancing form and function at par.
Now coming to the product portfolio, let us look at the company’s range of Bluetooth speakers. Creative offers these in 9 categories: Pebble, Sonic carrier, Sound blaster, T-Series, and more. 
In terms of functions, the Creative portable Bluetooth speakers feature a minimalistic design, enable amplified USB audio and offer wireless connectivity. Furthermore, these come with clear dialog processing techniques to achieve clear and unmatched spoken dialogue quality. Multi-setup options and a Built-in gain switch make it even more appealing. Here is a list of dealers in India for Creative Bluetooth speakers: Creative Bluetooth Speaker Dealers

Devialet Bluetooth Speaker

Founded in 2007, this French audio technology company operates at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and luxury. The foundation of its success is credited to the patented innovation that reflects in every product. 
The company is on a mission to redefine the place and importance of sound in people’s lives and strives to deliver a meaningful audio experience. The world-class engineers at Devialet couple unrivaled sound quality with modern and sleek design to push the boundaries and set high standards of innovation.
Devialet’s product portfolio houses incredible speakers, amplifiers, soundbars, and earbuds. Specifically talking about the speakers, the company’s offerings include two options, Phantom 1 and Phantom 2. 
Since these were first introduced, the Phantom speakers have become a reference for acoustic excellence. These come with features such as instant connectivity, UPNP, customizable listening experience, room readiness, and more. Get your Devialet Bluetooth speaker from this list of dealers in India: Devialet Bluetooth Speaker Dealers

Foxin Bluetooth Speaker

Developed for extraordinary individuals, Foxin falls under the hood of Balaji Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The company prides itself on its commitment to developing high-quality products backed by ample research and development. 
The brand is true to its Indian origin and prioritizes quality and innovation. Hence, Foxin has successfully established an extra edge in the highly competitive mobility and IT hardware market. In addition, the company caters to a wide range of personal and business applications products and stays on top with a wide, pan-India distributor network.
For portable speakers, Foxin currently offers six different product options. Three of these are comparatively larger and suitable for desk placements. On the other hand, the compact ones include the OZONE, CLASSIO, and BOND speakers.
Now coming to features, we are all praises of the Foxin portable Bluetooth speakers. These offer an ergonomic design, up to 4-5 hours of playback time, bass boost technology, a 10-meter working range, TF, FM & USB support, and 1200 mAh battery capacity. Here is a list of Foxin Bluetooth speaker dealers in India: Foxin Bluetooth Speaker Dealers

LG Bluetooth Speaker

The globally renowned legacy brand LG is fifth on our list for the latest generation Bluetooth speakers in India. Life’s certainly good with the brand’s great values, benefits, promise, and personality. Throughout decades, the company has successfully delivered convenience in the lives of its customers with great products.
The company’s philosophy revolves around fundamentals, people, and sincerity. Understanding a customer’s needs and offering optimum solutions has been LG’s strong suit for a long time. The products range from Home Entertainment, Home appliance & air solutions, and Vehicle component solutions.
Let us look at LG’s extensive range, explicitly talking about Bluetooth speakers. Currently, these fall into two series, PL and XBOOM. The former is a comparatively new launch and offers unmatched quality and features.
Getting into the details, let us start with the features of LG’s new PL series speakers. These feature a sleek, rounded design with a rubberized finish that is easy to hold and handle. The Meridian technology in these speakers ensures premium sound quality with deep bass, clear vocals, and rich tones. These also come with an IPX5 rating to offer water-proof enjoyment. 
The LG XBOOM speakers get multiple features such as Meridian-tuned sound, Google Assistant voice control, personal google, home device control, and built-in Chromecast. This device also helps you control your smart home, offering smart lamps, door locks, sound bars, TVs, and thermostat connectivity. Get your LG Bluetooth speakers from this list of dealers in India: LG Bluetooth Speaker Dealers.

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