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Care for a run? If you nodded in agreement and can’t wait to cherish the outdoors, you’ve come to the right place. One of the most important things to make your outdoor runs fun, effective and worthwhile is your running shoes. If you’ve got the right shoes, you can conquer it all. And, when it comes to experiencing the adventure, you can’t have a better partner than Adidas.
Adidas is undoubtedly one of the top brands in the athletic gear category. For several decades, this brand has continued to be one of the most popular choices for running shoes. Today, the brand has made a home in the hearts of many Indian customers. With its countless offerings, Adidas never fails to impress.
Of course, each of the brand’s products is commendable. But, specifically for running, Adidas established a benchmark by introducing its Boost foam in 2013. For this range, a new cushioning material replaces the traditional EVA foam for Adidas shoes. As a result, running shoes now promise better durability and added energy. 

If you are in the search for Adidas running shoes, here are your best options.

Adidas Ultraboost ST

Our first pick belongs to the Adidas UltraBoost series. Making a debut in 2013, this series offers responsive, durable, bouncy, and compound cushioning shoes. Moreover, this was the first line to feature the new Adidas signature design. 
Getting into the features, the Adidas Ultraboost ST shoes are thin yet durable and come with a smooth fitting and noticeable springiness from the boost midsole. These are best recommended for ones looking for moderate support for their daily runs.
Finally, these are priced at Rs. 7000 - Rs. 15000.

Adidas Adizero Series

This Adidas series provides a range of the company’s hyper-popular competition running shoes. Currently, all the options from the Adizero series feature the boost technology. However, it does not cover the entire length of the sole unit. 
These Adizero shoes are smooth riding and depend on a rocker for the speed. Offering the best of both worlds, these are lightweight and responsive. Guaranteed comfort and energy saving are assured over the long run with the Adidas Adizero shoes. Furthermore, Version #2 of shoes in this range also flaunt a more breathable upper and chiseled midsole. If you are planning for trekking, these shoes it suitable for you.
Now coming to the price, these are available in the range of Rs. 3000 - Rs. 25000.

Adidas Solar Series

Entering the market in 2018, the solar line was introduced. The products in the Solar category are very similar to the Adidas Ultraboost line. However, focus on performance weighs higher than street-style looks for this range. 
Again, the products in this range are divided into Solarboost and Solarglide shoes. Let us start with the details of the former. These are highly cushioned daily trainers, suitable for most foot types.

In terms of features, the Adidas Solarboost shoes get excellent cushioning, energy return, and durability. Secondly, the forefront of these shoes is locked through an elasticized fit. Finally, flexibility through heel-to-toe transition is a cherry on the cake.
Now, let us talk about the Adidas Solarglide shoes. These are also highly cushioned but a little stiffer. These features provide excellent ride stability, a highly cushioned midsole, and reliable outside traction. 
Finally, the Adidas Solar running shoes range offers options priced in the range of Rs. 7,999 to Rs. 13,999.

Adidas Aerobounce Series

Adidas Bounce is the company's second tire midsole material. This line hosts running shoes that are softer but less responsive than the Adidas Ultraboost series. On the other hand, with a little compromise on the performance, one can enjoy the Adidas experience at an affordable price with the Aerobounce series. 
Looking at the features list, these shoes provide solid comfort and cushioning. Hence, they are a perfect choice for daily training. Moreover, these shoes are firm yet stable to avoid any kind of stiffness. Secondly, the lightweight, breathable mesh adds to the comfort. 
Furthermore, the Adidas Aerobounce shoes also get a midfoot banding and internal reinforcement for targeted support. Ensuring long-distance comfort, Adidas adds springy cushioning to these shoes. This pair of shoes is best if you want to lose weight through running and exercise.
The pricing of this range of Adidas running shoes falls between Rs. 4000 - Rs. 18000.

Adidas Supernova Series

Popularly known for powering world-class runners globally, the company's Supernova series is our last pick on the best Adidas running shoe list. These shoes offer the best combination of Boost cushioning energy return with lightweight durability.
Above all, the Adidas Supernova series is an award-winning lineup. Each silhouette of the Adidas Supernova shoes is built to provide long-distance comfort. 
Along with the boost technology, there is an extended features list for the Adidas Supernova series. The flexible cushioning at the forefront of these shoes meets responsive cushioning in the heel to offer the best. Additionally, these Supernova shoes are designed with a mesh that allows adequate airflow during excessive sweating.

When one is ready to take running seriously, they are ready to unleash the magic of the Adidas Supernova series. The company offers an extensive range of options in this series, priced between Rs. 3999 - Rs. 13,999.
Now that we’ve been all praises for the Adidas Boost technology let's know more about it. 

Adidas Boost

The company first released the Adidas Boost technology in 2013. And as quick as a fox, the technology significantly impacted the running shoe segment. Getting into the details, the TPU-based Adidas boost technology is manufactured with thousands of tiny foam pellets. 
Giving birth to a sea change in the industry, the Adidas boost technology urged running shoe companies to evaluate the capabilities of EVA foam. As a result, the midsole cushioning in boost technology is responsive, soft, protective, resilient, yet very durable. Above all, the cushioning in the Adidas Boost technology stays essentially uncompressed. 
Above all, the excellent performance and high durability assured by the Adidas Boost technology stay with users in the long run. On average, a single pair of shoes from the Adizero series can last as long as four to five years. 
You’re certainly sold. Right? Now that you are on board and going gaga over Adidas shoes, why delay getting your pair? Instead, choose from the extensive range and contact the Adidas dealers in India. Here is a list for you.

Adidas Running Shoes Dealers in India: Adidas Store Locator 

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