Piramal Finance Personal Loan Interest Rates And Benefits

Piramal Personal Loan Rates, Benefits of Piramal Finance Personal Loan, Piramal Finance Personal Loan Process

Availing of personal loans for varied purposes seems daunting, with long processes and hefty interest rates. But, when you find the right loan provider, things magically transform in your favour. So, in this article, we bring to you- the answer to all your loan and funding needs. Piramal Finance is the one-stop solution for your hassle-free personal loan. So, let’s get into the details of the company.

About Piramal Finance

Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Ltd. operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Piramal Enterprises. The company’s parent group is popularly engaged in businesses across varied industries. With Piramal Finance, the group is registered as a housing finance company and is involved in providing various financial service businesses. Currently, the company provides funding opportunities for wholesale and retail requirements. 

Piramal Finance Values

Possessing expertise and experience of years, Piramal finance deals with the utmost integrity. Therefore, the company prioritises the values of:

  • Knowledge - With a balance of expertise and innovation, Piramal finance strives to do things creatively.
  • Action - The entrepreneurial spirit enables the Piramal group to create value with integrity in thought, speech and action.
  • Trusteeship and Humility - Enhancing the interests of customers, the community, employees, shareholders, and partners is a priority for the Piramal group. 

Piramal Finance Personal Loan

Whether you want to buy a dream gadget, have a wedding to plan or need to pay off your school fees, a personal loan from Piramal finance is your saviour. Fulfilling the personal loan needs of thousands of customers, Piramal finance offers instant personal loans in minutes. 

Key Features Of Piramal Finance Personal Loan

  • Borrowers can opt for personal loan amounts between Rs. 1 lakh-10 lakhs.
  • Loan tenures up to 60 months are available at Piramal finance.
  • Piramal Finance offers personal loans with interest rates starting at 12.99% p.a

Minimum Documentation

Sounds interesting, right? Say goodbye to getting lost in documents while applying for loans. Piramal finance assures a hassle-free process for application with minimal documentation.

Zero Foreclosure Charges

Yes, you heard it right. With Piramal finance personal loans, you do not need to worry about hidden charges. Enjoy zero pre-payment and foreclosure charges.

Quick Disbursal

With Piramal finance, you can fulfil your loan requirements immediately. The company offers a smooth disbursal process with quick sanctions. So cater to the repayment of your debts or major purchases. Let Piramal finance handle all other formalities.

Income Clubbing

Enjoy great flexibility for clubbing incomes for higher loan amount eligibility.

Suitable EMIs

Piramal finance offers multiple options for personal loan structures to fit the varying needs of customers. One can enjoy customisation with maximum flexibility in loan tenure, repayment, and foreclosure.

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Loan Application Process For Piramal Finance Personal Loan

The eligibility criteria for a personal loan at Piramal Finance depends on your employment. One can enter the company’s official website details and check for eligibility.
Moreover, the process of applying for a personal loan is now super quick and easy with Piramal finance. But first, you should go to the official website and click on apply loan on the personal loan page.
Post that, you can see a pop-up. Now, enter details for loan category, loan amount, full name, contact number, state and branch city. Then, on selecting acceptance of terms and conditions, the process moves ahead.

Documents Required For Piramal Finance Personal Loan Application

Based on the profession and occupation of applicants, Piramal fiance asks for the following documents:

KYC Documents

A PAN Card is mandatory. Secondly, one must submit one of the following documents for identity proof: an Adhaar card, Driving license, Voter’s ID card, or Passport. Finally, for address verification, one needs utility bills like telephone or electricity bills.

Income Documents

To show proof of income, a personal loan applicant needs to show the latest month's salary slip and bank statements from the previous three months.


Co-application is mandatory for higher loan eligibility in case of clubbing of income. Therefore, all the documents mentioned above of the co-applicant will also be required in such cases. Note that Piramal finance allows only one’s spouse as a co-applicant for personal loans.

Essential Things To Know Before Taking A Personal Loan

Maintain a good credit history

This point is essential because one’s creditworthiness is based on credit repayment history. Therefore, a lower credit score signifies bad debt management and, eventually, a lot of trouble acquiring personal loans. Alternatively, there are also chances of higher interest rates being applied to your loans. 

Compare Interest Rates

Only dive into personal loan acquisition with adequate knowledge. Check with various lenders, compare the interest rates and ensure that you select one with the lowest rate. A low-interest rate makes repayment of loans easier for you. Several platforms, such as BankBazaar and Paisabazzar, allow the comparison of interest rates.

Analyse All Costs

Not all costs will be mentioned when applying for a personal loan. Numerous other costs like prepayment, processing, late payment fees and more are charged by different loan-providing institutions. Therefore, before applying, assess all the costs and get a clear estimate of the expenditure involved. Doing so helps with better finance management.

Consider Your Needs

Make a list of all your requirements. Now, assign priority and decide which needs you are going to finance with the loan amount. Then, based on the requirement, calculate the expenses associated with it and choose how much you need to borrow. In case your requirement is unpredictable, opt for a Flexi personal loan.

Evaluate Repayment Ability

Don’t keep this for the last moment. One needs to be sure about the repayment before borrowing the loan amount. Start by routing income from investments towards EMI payments. Secondly, ensure that your income is sufficient to repay the loan. Finally, consider your financial obligations and calculate what you would be left with.

Don’t Fall For Gimmicky Offers

There are countless lenders for personal loans across the market. But, not each of them assures integrity. So be cautious, and don’t fall prey to gimmicky schemes marketing low-interest rates. If something feels too good to be true, it might as well be. Check with credible loan-providing institutions before coming to a final decision.

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