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As the world progresses, technology plays its role in every industry and sector. The situation is no different when it comes to Agriculture. Certainly, considering India is among the top three global producers of many crops, agriculture is an extensive and important sector in India. Therefore, the interference and role of technology come as a must. One such essential piece of equipment is a Modern Agriculture Harvester Machine. Let us have a closer look at it in detail.
All kinds of modern farm equipment are used for various agricultural activities to save human effort and time. Out of all the great innovations, a modern harvester machine is one of the most innovative and versatile solutions, significantly impacting a farmer’s work. The primary purpose of this machine is to facilitate the efficient harvesting of various crops and the separation of straw from nutrients. 
Now, coming to the working of this machine, let us look at its design and work. First, the equipment gets a binder-type cutting device that carries the crops and grains to a threshing machine. Additionally, a header consisting of the cutting and gathering parts harvests the grain with minimum straw. Secondly, the chaff and grain are passed to the straw deck, and the grain is thrown out. Finally, some of it is passed to the cleaning shoe, where filters and the gust of air separate the grain and chaff. Finally, the grain passes to the clean-grain auger from the air blast and goes to the storage tank in an elevator. On the other hand, the straw falls in the combine harvester for bailing. Furthermore, the modern harvester machine also facilitates spreading on the field. 

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How to Use A Modern Agriculture Harvester?

Having said that about the functionality, let us come to the usage of this machine. Firstly, one should figure out the right time for harvesting. It is recommended to avoid using the machinery during or after the rain to prevent blockage. 
Now, one should switch on the harvester and run it at the rated speed. Secondly, adjust the header, ensuring the stubble heat is not too high. Furthermore, operate by controlling the working speed to ensure efficient harvesting. Generally, high working speed is recommended for plain land and grains in the ripening stage. 

Furthermore, the harvester should be run in a straight direction. Next comes the throttle valve, which should be operated at a medium or opening position. Finally, post usage, the harvester machine needs to be cleaned properly for maintenance. The equipment might gather some soil and other sundries, which can corrode and cause blockage. Hence, it is best to clean and store the modern harvester in a dry and airy place. 
If you’re still wondering why a modern agricultural harvester is a farmer’s best partner, let us look at some of its most impressive benefits: 

Benefits Of A Modern Agriculture Harvester

  • The machine combines three separate harvesting procedures of reaping, threshing, and winnowing into a single process.

  • It replaces a farmer’s manual labor, eventually reducing overall production costs

  • It saves a lot of time, reducing the dependency on farmers and getting the field ready in a concise time.

  • The grains collected through a modern harvester machine are of superior quality. This eventually means a premium market price.

  • Timely harvesting of crops with a harvester machine saves the grains from natural disasters such as non-seasonal rains.

  • The innovative technology used in modern harvester machines enables the gentle handling of fragile seeds.

  • Various interchangeable heads for harvesters offer more convenience, making farming more profitable over time.
To sum up, a modern agriculture harvester machine makes a farmer’s life easier. Furthermore, it saves on time and cost and results in several benefits. Now, if you want to purchase an efficient modern agriculture harvester machine, here are your best Harvester Companies in India:

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John Deere Harvester

This company is popular and prominent in the agricultural industry. With an experience of more than 180+ years, John Deere creates intelligent connected machines that enable sustainable progress. The company’s products are conceptualized with easy-to-use technology and ensure seamless access to parts and services. 
Delivering customer-focused solutions, John Deere deals in the product categories of Agriculture, Tractors, Precision Ag technology, Tractor implements, Harvesters, and other farming equipment. Specifically coming to the combine harvester, the company offers the W70 model. This powerful machine comes with a 100HP turbocharged engine, offering a range of options for crop cutting and threshing. Additionally, this powerful machine is equipped with features such as Synchrosmart feature, a compact cutter bar, and a Posi torque drive. 

Furthermore, the John Deere harvester gets a Self-cleaning radiator, an Electrically operated header reel, an Adjustable floating drum-type feeder house, Six-bat Reel, and a Tilt steering. Above all, the John Deere harvester is an excellent option for 360-degree functionality. Therefore, it is best suited for crops like Rice, Wheat, Corn, and soybeans. 
Finally, the John Deere agriculture harvester machine is priced in the range of Rs. 20-24 lakhs. Get your hands on this incredible harvester now. Here is a list of dealers in India:

John Deere Harvester Dealers in India: John Deere Dealer Locator 

New Holland Agriculture Harvester

This global agricultural machinery manufacturer company was founded in 1895. Later on, acquisitions by Ford Motor Company and FiatAgri resulted in New Holland becoming a full-line producer. Moreover, it is the first company in India to offer the most advanced and appropriate range of mechanization solutions. 
Since its establishment in 1998, New Holland Agriculture has come a long way, selling over 300,000 tractors. In addition, the company is renowned for its advanced range of mechanized solutions for farmers to enhance crop productivity and profitability. 
The company’s product portfolio includes an extensive range of Tractors and telehandlers, Haytools and spreaders, Forage Equipment, Combines and Headers, Spraying Equipment, Tillage and seeding equipment, Harvesters, and Light construction equipment.
Specifically coming to Harvesters, New Holland Agriculture offers the TC5.30 mode. It is a profitable multi-crop harvesting machine. It provides excellent holistic functionality and is suitable for harvesting various crops, including wheat, barley, rice, sunflower, sorghum, soybeans, and more.
Furthermore, this agriculture harvester machine gets the best-in-class drum with a wide diameter. Secondly, it also comes with a double cascaded cleaning shoe, a pre-sieve, a grain tank, a high-capacity header, and an unloading auger. 
To summarise, the New Holland harvester machine provides the highest capacity in its segment. Finally, this machine is priced in the range of Rs. 25-19 lakhs. Here is a list of New Holland Agriculture harvester machine dealers in India:

New Holland Agriculture Harvester Dealers in India: New Holland Agriculture Dealer Locator 

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