How Are Gold And Silver Metal Prices Determined

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Today, gold and silver are among the most sought-after metals. Contrary to the popular purposes of jewellery making and investment, these metals are also used to manufacture several medical and electronic devices. As a result, the demand is also evergrowing. Eventually, more demand leads to price fluctuation. It is no breaking news that the prices of gold and silver keep changing. But do you know how these are determined? Let’s get into the details.
Looking at the bigger picture, valuable commodities like gold and silver heavily influence economies and people. The availability of these is directly linked to the pricing.

How are Gold Prices Determined?

Several factors that play a role in the determination of gold metal prices include:

Central Bank Reserves

The Central bank has a repository of paper currencies and gold in reserve. With the diversification of their monetary funds, accumulated gold rises typically. In addition, several other resources in the world are composed of gold. 

Value of the U.S Dollar

The gold metal prices and the rate of the United States dollar share an inversely proportional relationship. This happens because the metal is dollar-denominated. Therefore, a stronger value of the U.S Dollar keeps the price of gold in check and controlled. On the other hand, a weaker value of the U.S Dollar drives the price of gold by increasing demand. 
This makes more sense when considering how gold is always seen as an inflation hedge. 

Worldwide Industrial Demand

There have been times when jewellery has accounted for approximately half of the gold demand. Countries like India, China and the United States are among the largest consumers of gold. Another chunk of demand is attributed to industrial uses. Hence, as the basic rule goes, the higher the demand for jewellery and other goods, the higher the prices of gold.

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Investment Demand

The demand for gold for investment purposes also keeps on increasing. Exchange-traded funds holding the metal and issuing shares also affect the overall prices.

Wealth Protection

In times of uncertainty, people usually turn to gold investments because of the enduring value of the metal. There’s a reason gold is considered a haven during difficult times. Usually, when the expected ROI on assets such as equity, bonds and real estate fall, gold keeps up with the promise, churning increased return prices. Therefore, many people use it as an inflation hedge, and gold protects during political instability. 

Gold Production

Just like demand, supply also, of course, plays a significant role in determining the prices of gold. Major worldwide miners include countries like China, South Africa, the United States, Australia, Russia, and Peru. The ability of the supply of gold resources to meet the demand affects the prices significantly.
However, mining easy gold has brought stability to mining production over time. To access quality reserves, miners now need to dig deeper. However, the harsh truth is that accessing gold takes work. In addition, there are various hazards involved in the process. Hence, it costs more to obtain less gold, eventually leading to price fluctuation.

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How are Silver Prices Determined?

Demand and Supply

As the basic rule goes, this equation for silver is quite tricky. The overall supply is limited, but the demand remains constant. However, the fundamental economic fact is that if any factors alter the supply or the demand, the prices are bound to vary.

Silver Scrap

There was a time when photography was a massive consumer of silver due to its characteristics. With time and technology, the demand for the same has dropped. But, a large pile of photographic film with silver contents remains to be recycled. 
In addition, increasing metal prices can cause higher selling and melting of existing silver resources. Therefore, the supply also tends to increase. 


Yes, you read it right. Silver is a metal with unique and distinctive characteristics with many technological applications. Therefore, the demands from these industries are a bullish factor for silver prices.

Global Trends

Like gold, silver is also considered a haven for investments. Therefore, in times of uncertainty and economic crisis, there is generally significant pressure on the prices of precious metals, including silver. 

Gold Prices

The relationship between gold and silver prices has been as old as time. In general, these two share a directly proportional relationship. As the prices of gold go up or down, silver follows. This is often due to store-of-value demands, but the ratio can vary. 

Interest Rates

This is often an indication of the overall market dynamics and conditions. Considering that silver investments are not meant to get a return on current value, some investors tend to opt for interest payments to replace the long-term appreciation of silver holdings. Therefore, interest rates and silver prices generally share an inverse relationship.

Government Policies

Silver markets continued to be influenced by the Government’s actions and policies for decades. In addition, central banks in many countries worldwide are involved in buying and selling silver bullion. Therefore, any modifications might lead to alterations in silver prices.

Mirco Economic Trends

When the times are good, and cash inflow is not a problem, people spend a lot of money on items that include precious metals. Similarly, in times when income stages drop, the purchases often defer. Economic health and growth level are also significant indicators of this demand.

However, even in unpleasant economic situations, the demand for luxury products still needs to be increased. 

Notable Points

The silver market is considerably smaller than the gold market. Therefore, there is an allowance for investors or large traders to cause positive or negative influences on silver prices. The properties of silver widen its application in several industries. Therefore, the varying demand and the proportion of it is also a significant factor. 
A gold/silver ratio is a determinant of the relative strength of gold in comparison to silver prices. It indicates the ounces of silver required to purchase one ounce of gold.

When this ratio rises, gold becomes more expensive than silver, and one can obtain better value from the cheaper metal. During the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, this ratio hit an all-time high due to the jump in gold investments.

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