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One of the quickest and most affordable secrets for adding chicer and comfort to your rooms lies in picking the right cushions. These also help in giving your rooms a fresh update. While switching larger pieces of furniture frequently is not possible, modifications can be made with cushions. These are genuinely versatile items that make your rooms stand apart.
Additionally, the purpose of cushions goes beyond their aesthetics. These are an item that you’ll be using daily. Therefore, assured comfort must be a must when choosing the right cushion. In order to get both of these rights, it is essential to consider several factors before buying cushions. Here is a detailed guide with some of the top ones, compiled for your convenience.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Cushion

Material and Stuffing

The cushion material is a major deciding factor that determines the comfort level of your cushions. Both overstuffed and understaffed ones will ruin it for you and your guests. Therefore, opt for cushions with enough filling to provide comfort and ensure that these don’t flatten out. While choosing the outer covering of the cushions, look for material that isn’t allergy-inducing and goes well with heat. 

Number and Arrangement

Before getting into other styling details, determine the number of cushions you will be using and the arrangement of those. Ideally, it’s best to opt for two large cushions for double-armed sofas. However, if you want to go for smaller cushions, four are best for two-seater sofas, and five work well for three-seater ones. 

For arrangement, get an idea about the stacking pattern you will use.

Shape and Size

Don’t just pick the first cushion that meets your eye. Before jumping on it, look closer at the scale of your couch. Larger cushions will work well for large-scale ones with ample seating room. On the other hand, smaller ones do better for delicate sofas. A mix of sizes, shapes and textures will help you create a striking visual interest on your couch.

Fabric Choice

Another very important factor is the choice of cushion fabric. This plays a vital role and will significantly determine the look and feel. Opt for fur, wool, linen, and velvet if you want to add texture. While making this choice, consider usage, sturdiness and durability. 
Getting into a little more detail, let’s see which cushion fabric will match your needs.
  • Cotton - The most common kind of cushion fabric available out there. While it is very soft and comfortable, cotton can also be expensive and hard to clean.

  • Polyester - It is cheaper than cotton, which is easy to clean but isn’t very breathable.

  • Silk - Another popular choice among interior enthusiasts, silk cushions provide a luxurious look and feel to your couch. However, it is also slightly expensive and not very easy to clean.

  • Leather - This fabric's durability and style factors make it a popular cushion choice. While leather is comparatively expensive, it can be considered a long-term investment.

  • Fabric blends - Opt for varying blends if you want the best of both worlds. These will rank high on style, durability and ease of cleaning.

Prints and Patterns

Rule No 1 - Don’t be afraid! Add some flair to your couch with printed cushions. First, look around and check the colours used in your living rooms. If you are welcomed by too many, use them in your cushion prints to create more cohesion. If your room follows a neutral colour palette, opt for brighter, patterned cushions for an elevated look.


Colour - which colour? Pay close attention because the colour choice of your cushions will be a key factor in deciding the overall look of your room. Always aim to achieve colour harmony across your space. Look at the colour of your couch, and decide if you want to go with the same hue. Alternatively, adding some contrast can also be a good idea. Keep a colour wheel handy- look for texture and depth. 


As we all know it, comfort is the key. What is the meaning of a beautiful cushion if it does not serve its purpose? Not very compelling, right? So, find one that fits both criteria. Starting with the size, factors such as shape and material will also determine the comfort level of your cushions. So, choose wisely and always do a test if feasible.

Keeping Your Cushions Fresh and Clean

Once you have chosen and ladden your couches with the most aesthetic and comfortable cushions, a frequent replacement won’t be on your cards. That is why it is essential to learn about the proper maintenance of your cushions. Here are a few tips to help you out:

Wash the covers

It hints at poor maintenance when your cushions start looking old and tired. Don’t let that happen and hamper the overall look of your spaces. Instead, schedule a semi-regular washing session for your cushion covers to remove dirt and debris. 

Keep Some Extras

Having a safety net is always a good option. Sometimes, when the family has designated spots on the couch, a particular cushion tends to get overused compared to the other. As a result, its colours may start fading, making it look old and tired. At such a time, fall back on your inventory.

Keep Swapping Them

Due to the same reason discussed above, overusing one cushion is very common. To avoid the same, make it a habit to keep swapping spots of your cushions every week.

Always Air Dry

Keeping your cushions clean and dry is more important than you think. In order to avoid foul odour or clumping up of the filling, it is always best to let your cushions air dry. Never use drying tools, as it might lead to flattening.

Show them the Sun

Every few months, make it a habit to let your cushions out in the sun for a while. This will help absorb the moisture your cushions have retained and plump them up again.

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