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A camera captures a moment perfectly. It imprints a memory precious to us so perpetually that we can access it whenever, wherever. Special moments can be captured and savored by us because of the power of a camera. Nature can be better appreciated, and animals sympathized with all because of it.

Top 5 Camera Companies in India

The camera is certainly a crazy little invention! It has evolved to have zoom, shutter, flash, a variety of lenses, and so on. There are various types of cameras as per specifications and requirements from the customers. However, buying the best camera brands depends on so many factors such as camera prices, quality, specifications, in-built features, and the overall reputation. Before buying them, you have to take reviews from others or need to use them personally then after only you can judge its quality and technology.

Are you looking to buy this machine that certainly makes life easier and happening for humans? Do you want to add photography as your hobby? Are you going to take photography as your passion and career? Worry not, below is a list of the top 5 camera manufacturers in India 2021. Check dealer and service center information below as well. 

1. Canon

This Japanese brand’s reputation is top-notch. It specializes in optical, imaging, and industrial products such as cameras, lenses, scanners, etc. Canon offers a multitude of choices in cameras with varying lenses, zoom features, wireless connectivity features, etc.

Canon cameras have a starting price of approximately INR 58,000 and go as high as a few lakh rupees. Canon also separately sells lenses and shutters etc.


Canon has six service centers in Delhi, these are located in-

  • Patel Nagar-110008
  • Barakhamba road-110001
  • Nehru Place-10019
  • Naraina Phase-1-110028
  • Dwarka-110075
  • Kirti Nagar-110015
You can find your nearest Canon camera service centers from here: Canon Camera Service Centers in India


Canon cameras can be purchased easily at almost all electrical appliances stores and the likes of it. They are also available on online shopping websites such as Amazon and Flipkart. You can find Canon Camera Dealers in India from here.

2. Fujifilm

Fujifilm is Japanese multinational photography, medical technology, and Biotechnology Company. Headquartered in Japan, this brand creates Polaroid and other cameras. From vintage classic cute cameras to the new quirky ones- Fujifilm offers them all.
Fujifilm Camera Dealers and Service Centers in India

It also produces film, mini printers, and other products. Its Polaroid cameras are available from 5,000 rupees whereas it's more professional cameras can go up to a lakh rupees.
Fujifilm is mostly popular in India for its Polaroid cameras that print instant photos. 


  • CRoma: Rajouri Garden-110027, Vasant Kunj-110070, Rohini-110085, Kamla Nagar-110007 etc
  • Photo Media: Connaught Place-110001
  • Portfolio studio: Janakpuri-110046
  • Pritam sons: Chandni Chowk-110006
  • Royal Col Lab: Lajpat Nagar-110024
  • Rhythm corner: South extension Part-2
  • Reliance Digital: Vasant Kunj-110070
You can find all India service centers from here: Fujifilm Camera Service Centers in India. They are also available on online shopping websites such as Amazon and Flipkart etc.


  • Nehru Place-110019

3. Sony

Sony, another Japanese multinational conglomerate, produces phones, computers, shows, music, video games, robots, and cameras too.

Sony produces a variety of cameras including DSLRs. Some of its popular cameras are the Sony A6 100, Sony ZV-1, Sony SLT A58M 20.1MP DSLR, etc.
Its cameras start at around 50,000+ and go up to a lakh or two lakh rupees.


  • Vijay Sales: Model Town -110009, Pitampura-110088
  • Sangam Electronics: Narela-110040, Rohini-110085, Yusuf Sarai-110016
  • Sony center: Sarojini Nagar-11003
  • Reliance Digital Express: Rohini-110085
  • Electronic Paradise: Pitampura-110088
  • E-Future: Pitampura-110088
  • Hari Om Electronics: Karnal Road-110052
  • Jumbo Electronics: Vasant Kunj-110070
You can find all India service centers from here: Sony Camera Service Centers in India

They are also available on online shopping websites such as Amazon and Flipkart etc. You can find Sony Camera Dealers in India from here.

4. Panasonic Camera

Panasonic is a Japanese multinational corporation producing a variety of electrical appliances as well as cams and gears. The highly successful corporation is over a hundred years old!


Panasonic’s best cameras are the DC-S5, DC-S1, DC-S1RM, DC-G9LGW-K, DMC-G85KGC as well as the DC-GH5GA.
The cameras began at the price range of 65,000+ and go up to a few lakh rupees. Panasonic cameras are easily suitable for amateurs as well as the more professional ones. Its sleek designs and advanced features have attracted much enthusiasm.


  • Panasonic store: Rohini-110085, Greater Kailash-110048
  • G.K. Electronics : Uttam Nagar-110059
  • Vardhman Electronics: Sagarpur-110046
  • Dolly Electronics: Paschim Vihar-110063
You can find all India dealer centers from here: Panasonic Camera Dealers in India. Panasonic cameras are also available on online shopping websites such as Amazon and Flipkart.

5. Olympus

The last camera manufacturer on our list is yet another Japanese manufacturer that produces-cameras, voice recorders, medical devices as well as tableware.

It is among the oldest camera manufacturers in the world. It still makes some of the best bodies in the business without compromising on style and quality.
Among its best cameras are- the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III, Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III, Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV, and the Olympus PEN -PL9.
Its cameras start at a fairly nominal rate as compared to the other brands mentioned. They start at Rs.20,000 and go as high as lakh rupees.


  • Photo Media: Connaught Place-110001
  • Golu photo: Chandni Chowk-110006
  • Dass Studio: Connaught Place -110001
  • Photosystems: Gautam Nagar-110049
You can find all India service centers from here: Olympus Camera Service Centers in India. Olympus cameras and other paraphernalia are also available on online shopping websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Snap deal.


Cameras today are a worthy investment reaping benefits twice their cost. Not only do they capture precious and important movements, but they are also swiftly becoming a well-desired and well-paid profession. Japanese camera manufacturers such as Canon and Fujifilm are among the best.

However, depending on one’s preferences and budget, any cameras can fit them. There are multiple dealers of various camera manufacturers pan-India and the most are readily available on reliable online shopping websites. Also, you will find the service centers for all the listed camera brands by clicking on the given links. Go and check, buy and click. And Yes, Don’t forget to say cheese!

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