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If you are looking to buy an affordable and feasible Electric Auto Rickshaw, then we have a list of some of the best dealers in India, to make it easy for you. First, let's know a bit more about how electric vehicles and especially the so-called E-rickshaws are contributing to making the environment less polluted and safe from harmful fuels and gases.
E-rickshaws are gaining popularity in so many parts of the world since 2008 and started gaining attention in India in early 2010 when they were first introduced by Exide Industries. As these rickshaws are smaller in size and easily available at affordable prices, they are widely replacing public transport that works on fuels and big engines drawing larger attention and popularity towards them.
On 8 October 2014, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had declared the rules to regulate the e-rickshaws by making some important corrections under the Motor Vehicles Rules of 1989. In March 2015, the Parliament passed the amendments which finally made the use of electric rickshaws legal in the country. Recently, the transport department decided to introduce these e-rickshaws in four major cities of Maharashtra which are Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, and Nashik.

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Why Choose E-rickshaws - Advantages

  1. Eco-Friendly: Electric rickshaws are a good replacement for petrol and diesel-based public transport as they work solely on electricity. These rickshaws do not emit smoke and so do not contribute to the increasing air pollution. 

    The batteries that are used for the functioning of these rickshaws can be effectively recycled and so do not give you the headache of battery disposal. It makes them completely environment friendly in the times when impregnably increasing pollution is taking the lives of so many people around the world.

  2. Economical: Electric rickshaws are economical as they are quite cheap and can be afforded by a common man very easily. Passengers get to pay a less transport charge and thus It is cost-effective not only for the owners but for the consumers as well. The batteries are manageable and can be easily recharged from home or from any place where the proper voltage is available.

  3. No noise pollution: As they run completely on electricity, they do not create any noise pollution and thus enable passengers to enjoy their ride comfortably.

  4. Easy Maintenance: Electric rickshaws do not demand very high maintenance and so make it easy and feasible for the common man. E-rickshaws do not run on an engine and a gearbox and thus, no need to worry about their maintenance. E-rickshaws use a smaller and compact motor hence maintaining them is quite easier.

  5. Means of livelihood: To the people below the poverty line and the people who are not well educated, electric rickshaws provide a great means of livelihood as people by not invest much money can easily afford an electric rickshaw and fulfill their basic needs of themselves and their families.

E-rickshaws Disadvantages

With advantages, a few disadvantages come as well. Some of them are listed below.

  1. A little bit time-consuming: Despite being environment friendly, they run a bit slow on speed which makes them not functional on the long routes.

  2. Less payload capacity: Due to their less weight, it imposes a question on their safety as on being overloaded it can turn upside down very easily which is a point of concern.

  3. No proper guidelines: There is no awareness of the proper rules and guidelines for the functioning of e-rickshaws. Also, many of the drivers are not trained and some of them are even minor in the age to drive the e-rickshaws. 
This is another point of concern in society that imposes questions on the safety of electric rickshaws. Now that you know everything about Electric Rickshaws, we are providing you with the sources where you can find the best dealers and deals in Electric Auto Rickshaws in the country just near you.

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2. IndiaMART
IndiaMART is India’s largest online B2B marketplace that is contributing to connecting buyers with suppliers across the country. It focuses on providing a user-friendly platform to Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Large Enterprises as well as individuals. IndiaMART has 143 million buyers, 7 million suppliers, and 80 million products and services. Before you name a thing and you'll find it here. With IndiaMART you can get a variety of sellers and dealers to get your hands on the best electric auto-rickshaw at very affordable prices.
Just Dial Limited is a local Search engine that provides related services to users across India through multiple platforms such as websites, mobile websites, Apps, the telephone as well as texts. Through JustDial, you can find any item of interest in a few minutes. With advanced features and a variety of dealers, end your search for electric auto-rickshaws at Just Dial.
4. Mahindra Electric
Through the direct website of Mahindra Electric, you can find dealers near you and across the whole country. Mahindra Electric Mobility was the first to bring electric vehicle technology to the country. They have a wide variety of Electric Vehicles and are focusing on increasing their range with Mahindra Electric. Through their customized search toolbar, you can search the dealers across the country just by sitting at your home.
We hope we have covered all your doubts and queries about Electric Auto rickshaws and where you can find the Mahindra Electric Auto Rickshaws Dealers in India. In the era of renovation and creation being environment friendly as well as economical, E-Rickshaws have contributed their part, now is the time for you.

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