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Tyres deliver a very significant task in our daily life, and it's significant to retain yourself up to date on the good and promising brands to get on to when purchasing tyres, for this is a commodity where integrity is a must. Tyre industry in India is increasing rapidly and there are more than 60 tyre manufacturing Companies spread across the country. 


Here is a catalog of the extensively outstanding tyre brands across India. Let’s take a glance at the several top tyre companies in India.

1) MRF

Mrf is the biggest tyre maker in India. It delivers with its head bureau in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. MRF was ascertained in 1946 and from then, has provided with excellent quality radials such as few others ever organized. The corporation functions in passenger car radials but also procures radials for tractors, bikes, buses, trucks, and off the highway carriers. The corporation also designs different rubber commodities like conveyor toys and belts at just acceptable prices. 

2) Birla Tyres

Kesoram industries, which trades tyres under Birla Tyres Brand name established in 1991. Birla Tyres has created strong importance for integrity and is presently well known as one of the promising tyre producers in India. Birla Tyres provide their clients the security and trustworthiness they are glancing for. 

Birla Tyres creates 34 tyres that can fit comfortably in Bikes, Cars, and Scooters. Birla tyre rate begins at Rs. 865 in India. Birla tyres have clarified their greatness in the tyre generating industry since the day of their beginning with their best quality and hard-wearing type for Indian roads across the country at a reasonable price. 

3) Bridgestone 

Bridgestone is far more than just a famed brand in our country. It is a Japanese corporation established in Kurume, Japan. The firm was launched in 1931 and in present days, hosts the main place among the prominent tyre producers in the nation. It retains 141 output facilities around the world, tracked down in 24 nations. Moreover, manufacturing radials also generates other commodities such as bicycles, automotive parts, and industrial products. This brand is accessible for cars at an acceptable rate. 

4) Apollo tyres 

Apollo is the best and reasonable brand in India. It's the seventeenth biggest tyre inventor in the whole world. Apollo was established in Gurgaon, Haryana.


This corporation creates a host of other commercial carriers as well as radials for bikes and cars. The corporation was launched in 1976 and evolved one of the prominent tyre merchandise both here, as well as in the European market. Apollo tyres are available for cars and bikes at an acceptable price. 

5) Continental Tyre

Continental Tyre Company was founded in 1871 and is presently headquartered at Hanover. In 2001, the corporation developed a powerful interest in Temic, Daimler Chrysler’s automotive electronics industry. This firm for further than 14 decades has been the prominent German automotive producing corporation excellent in automotive security, tyres, and other aspects. Their rates in India are fairly straighter than that of the preferences of Bridgestone and Michelin.

6) Falken tyres

Falken Tyres is a well-known radial maker established in Kobe, Japan. The corporation was launched in 1983, and now this company is one of the overseeing tyre brands in the world. It has dealers that are established all over the United States and use proficient motorsports to improve and enhance its outputs for widespread dispersion. 

7) Firestone

In several manners, Firestone is the considerable standard and average tire brand across the country. Firestone started up producing its tyres for the initial time in 1903. Firestone tyre has satisfactorily wear power and life, stability, and wet braking. It establishes minor disturbance as correlated to standard strong tyre. This brand's tyre is broader, hence it provides 4% extra contact space with the highway ground.


This company Ceat was established in 1958. This is one of the brands which stands out as one of the greatly contemplated names in the tyre business and possesses a powerful worldwide pre-eminence as well.


It's established in Mumbai and retains 6 manufacturing factories. It produces tyres for cars, trucks, bikes, Auto-rickshaws, tractors, buses, SUVs, and a host of different carriers in the acceptable tariff. The firm provides about 100 000 tyres only in one day.

9) Goodyear tyres

Goodyear is a prominent tyre brand established in the United States of America in 1898. This brand is one of the vastly acknowledged and famous tyre brands and retains a multinational prominence. Furthermore, the tyre producer is popular for providing radials to Formula One cars, probably the largely prosperous tyre corporation in that specific business. It delivers commercial trucks, SUVs, automobiles, airplanes, and light trucks with promising quality and in accepting the price. 

10) JK Tyres

Jktyre company is the leader of the radial manufacturer in our country. This firm was established in Delhi in 1974. It is the mere corporation delivering the whole range of 4-wheeler radials, for cars, buses, and trucks. It retains a global presence, controlling esteem in over eighty nations. It keeps producing centers at Kankroli, Mysore, Benmore, and Chennai.

11) Michelin

Michelin is one of Indian's leading brands in Tyre industry. This brand is a favorable option for drivers in our nation also. The tyre producer is positioned among the 3 biggest tyre inventors in the globe. Established in 1889, the firm retains its head bureau in France. It presides over one of the greatly prominent brands in global existence in the tyre business and is recognized for providing with high integrity radials that incorporate all characteristics one could raise a question of a tyre.

12) Yokohama tyres

The Yokohama tyres company was established in Tokyo, Japan. The corporation was set up and began on October 13, 1917, in a combined investment between Yokohama and B.F Goodrich. Yokohama brand of Tyre delivers the greatest integrity tyres to the clients around the globe, The Japanese Yokohama Rubber Company is bringing into the Indian market very rapidly. Yokohama brings about a vast range of bike and car tyres in India as well. 


Above mentioned are the Top Tyre Brands in India. Occupying any one of these brand tyres will maintain you in satisfactory stead for the forthcoming years. All of them retain their unique features on which they prefer to focus. But we forcefully suggest that you select the pair of tyres in pursuance of your requirements and select the brand which fits them the fairest. 

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Thereupon getting on from this article on the Top 10 Tyre Brands in India, you should keep a considerable enough opinion as to which corporation fits into your prerequisites the best.

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