Top 5 Tyre Brands For Cars In India

Top 5 tyres brands for cars in India, details, starting price, reliability and more

Top 5 tyre brands for cars in India

Tyres are one of the most important elements not only for cars but for every automobile. Tyres have undoubtedly made the world smaller and today’s world without tyres is unimaginable as it finds its applications in all most all modes of transportation. Car tyres are as important as a leg of a human being without their respective neither of them can move easily. Additionally, the necessity of quality tyres in car more as inferior quality may lead to bursting at high speeds and can turn out to be fatal. So it is inevitable to keep an eye on the tyres' condition and carry out the replacement if needed. The brands manufacturing high-quality tyres for cars have increased in numbers which ultimately bewilders the end-consumer in making the right suitable choice. The list top 5 brands that makes tyres for cars and are available in India can help in coming out of the dilemma.


Top 5 tyre brands for cars in India

  1. MRF Tyres: MRF is a well-established brand who is into manufacturing tyres for cars, motorcycles, trucks and SUVs. The brand's corporate office is located in Chennai. MRF was established as a rubber making brands whose first-ever products were balloons and later time company made a huge leap and now it producing other products like paint, conveyer belts, toys and other similar products along with their speciality in tyres. The brand today exports tyres to 60 countries around the world.

Starting price Rs.1650/-


  1. JK Tyres: This brand which was set up in the year 1974 is today in the top 10 list of tyre manufacturers in India. This brand manufactures tyres for two-wheelers and four-wheelers and has got manufacturing units at Mysore, Banmore, Kankroli and Chennai. This brand alone is contributing around 22% of margin through tyre exports in the national economy.

Starting Price Rs.1,660/-


  1. Bridgestone Tyres: Bridgestone is a tyre giant from Japan who made its way in this top 5 list. Bridgestone is currently trading tyres in more than 150 countries and carrying out research in nearly 26 countries using a variety of brains. This brand is one of the major brands that provide tyres to America.

Starting Price Rs.2,685/-


  1. Continental Tyres: This German tyre manufacturing company has been providing tyres in the native country for than 14 decades and now is providing to most of the other countries around the world. The prices of Continental tyres are relatively higher than that of Michelin and Bridgestone.

Starting Price Rs.2900/-


  1. Apollo Tyres: Apollo has accomplished a great reputation in terms of producing quality tyres around the world. The company has attained its maturity in just 40 years and now is present in more than 120 countries. This brand manufactures tyres for all kind of automobiles like cars, buses, trucks, bicycles and off-roading vehicles
    Starting Price Rs.1800/-

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