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A home is a dream place for everyone, and people always are being fond of bringing up all-new electronic appliances into the house. They keep making changes and doing up something every day to make it look nice and much more comfortable. Although everything they bring into the home is very much necessary, some of the electronics are such that without them of which the house seems to be incomplete.

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Some of these electronics are for an instance is TV. Choosing the right company for buying a TV can be confusing. We have some of the best dealers for TV companies in India. Here is a list of the top 10 best TV companies in India.

1. Hitachi TV

Founded in 1910, Hitachi Televisions' vision is "Inspire the Next". It has always brought new products with more excellent technologies in the market from time to time. The high-resolution LED Tv's by Hitachi Televisions are available at different prices according to their size. It has a massive number of features like LED blacklights, digital video broadcasting, and many more.

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2. Philips TV

One of the top companies for electronics globally, television by Philips is used in most of the country's households. Its extensive range of products with affordable prices makes it one of the best in the market. All the smart TVs, LED TVs by Philips are full resolution with brilliant video and audio quality.

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3. LG TV

LG Smart TV comes with impressive features to give maximum entertainment. The advanced image processor of every LG TV delivers rich and vibrant colors on the screen to enhance the viewing experience. LG uses dynamic technology which delivers scene-by-scene multi-HDR format and stunning visuals in HDR quality.

It produces a clear and detailed theatre-like sound at home.LG Smart TV comes with Cloud photo features. You can launch the Cloud photo and video app to view pictures or watch videos on the TV’s large screen. Also, the Multi-tasking screen allows you to browse the Internet and watch movies at the same time, so you don’t miss out on any important news or updates.


4. Panasonic TV

Panasonic is a Japanese company that recently launched a whole series of smart televisions of high-end quality. The brand is known for producing the best-LED TVs in the market. The sale of Panasonic TVs has only increased over the last few years, and it is expected to take over the market very soon.


5. Samsung TV

Being one of the largest television manufacturers, Samsung Electronics has been a trusted brand for many years now. Its televisions are available according to modern technology at affordable rates. Most of the households have a television from the Samsung brand, which is enough to tell you about its quality.

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6. Sony TV

A Japanese company, Sony has considerably taken over the electronics market, with every household having at least one electronic item from the brand Sony. Ranking among the top 5 television companies, Sony's TVs are of superior quality, having various features.


7. Xiaomi Mi TV

Relatively newer in the market, Xiaomi Mi is one brand selling smart televisions with high-quality features being extraordinarily slim and sleek with excellent audio quality. The televisions are available at great rates, making them a great option while buying.


8. Intex TV

Intex Technologies is recently one of the home-grown Indian consumer durable with many of the manufacturing company. It is all based in New Delhi in India. Intex manufactures good quality smartphones, IT accessories, Refrigerators all along with a wide range of high selling LED and smart televisions. Compiling all the best-rated dealers that deals in Intex TV can be listed as Intex smart world.


9. Kodak TV

Imaging of products company Kodak has even entered the Indian television market into the partnership with Noida based on the Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd (SPPL). They have had launched some of the popular models in the LED and HD TV segment in India. You can get contact to all the dealers dealing Intex TV and are best rated for easing can be listed as Reliance digital spread all over India.


10. Toshiba TV

Toshiba is a market leader with expertise in Technology, end-to-end energy management systems, and solutions including Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, and Power Storage. Toshiba smart TVs are equipped with the cinema-technology inspired Dolby Vision HDR that delivers content in colors that are highlighted to up to 40 times brighter than the standard quality.

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Final Word

These are the top 6 television brands available in India right now. All the brands have a high reputation and are trusted ones. They bring new products with better quality from time to time, which both are appealing to the customers and worth the price. The stores of all the six brands are available in every city of the country.
The Dealers Service Centre has listed dealers' contact information and service center at All of them are trusted as well as reliable with a full guarantee. Apart from these ten brands, you can also look up other brands listed on our website.

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