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For several decades, trucks have been the prime commute vehicle in the transportation business. Moreover, the commercial space relies heavily on trucks as a mode of transport for their heavy freight. Each day, our country witnesses thousands of trucks on the roads, and they essential contribute as the backbone for many industries. But, of course, companies and industries can opt for different trucks, depending upon their requirements. So, if your commercial requirements call for the best truck companies to partner with, here is a list of the five best truck companies you can rely on:

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Ashok Leyland

This renowned legacy group was established back in 1948. Currently, it is the second-largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in the country. Initially founded as Ashok Motors under the Hinduja Group, it later became known as Ashok Leyland in 1955. 
This company is renowned as the fourth-largest manufacturer of buses and the fourteenth-largest manufacturer of trucks globally. Ashok Leyland has its headquarters established in Chennai and houses many manufacturing facilities across Indian states, including Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Uttarakhand. 
The company’s product range in trucks covers 1T GVW vehicles to 55T GTW vehicles. The company also caters to driver training institutes across the country and has so far trained over 9,00,000 drivers. If you wish to partner with one of the most reliable commercial truck companies, here is a list of Ashok Leyland dealers in the country:

Ashok Leyland Truck Showrooms in India: Ashok Leyland Dealer Locator 


A wholly-owned subsidiary of Daimler AG, the brand BharatBenz comes under the Daimler Indian Commercial Vehicles group. In 2011, BharatBenz was launched in Chennai. BharatBenz’s trucks meet the BSIII standards and are developed on the Mercedes-Benz Axor platform. As a result, these commercial vehicles offer unmatched reliability and the best safety and are engineered with powerful technology. 

The range of BharatBenz trucks includes ultra-modern vehicles that range from trucks with 9 tonnes capacity to trucks with 55 tonnes capacity. These models deliver the highest productive output at optimal costs and prove a beneficial choice for customers. 
The company also claims that its trucks offer efficient fuel mileage levels, best-in-class safety and comfort, and low maintenance costs. Here is a list of BharatBenz dealers in India:

Bharat Benz Truck Showrooms in India: Bharat Benz Dealer Locator 


The commercial vehicles manufacturer Eicher Motors was established in India in 1948. In 2008, the company came together with the Volvo group and birthed Eicher Trucks and Buses. The company specializes in manufacturing heavy and medium commercial vehicles, special application vehicles, and more daily commute vehicles with advanced technology.
Eicher’s heavy-duty trucks are developed to provide maximized performance output at the lowest cost of operations. These range from 18.5 to 55-tonne haulage, tipper, and tractor-trailer trucks.
The light and medium-duty trucks from Eicher offer as many as 29 in the 4.9 tonnes to 16-tonne category. These include light and medium-duty trucks, tipper trucks, and sub-5-ton trucks. Here is a list of Eicher Truck dealers in India:

Eicher Truck Showrooms in India: Eicher Dealer Locator 


The global MNC Tata Motors needs no introduction. Headquartered in Mumbai, this group manufactures vehicles such as vans, coaches, buses, trucks, cars, and military vehicles. 
Interestingly, Tata Motors is the number 1 truck company in the country. Recently, Tata Motors commercial vehicles company bagged multiple awards across six categories at the Business Leader Of The Year Awards. 
Tata Motors trucks are developed on a rugged frame and offer excellent durability with a superior driving experience. Moreover, the company’s portfolio consists of commercial trucks suitable for every business requirement. It includes rigid trucks, trailers, tippers, and fully built solutions. 
Tata trucks are positioned with The Power of 6 appeals. It includes comfort and convenience, better connectivity, power of choice, and lower cost of ownership. If you wish to check out the most suitable Tata truck for your commercial requirement, click here to access the list of dealers:

Tata Truck Showrooms in India: Tata Dealer Locator 


Established back in 1928, Volvo Trucks corporation is a Sweden-based company. Volvo set foot in India in 1988 and has been driving progress with its commercial vehicles since then. The company provides premium transport solutions with highly innovative products. The heavy-duty range of Volvo trucks elevates the driving experience with enhanced performance and efficiency. These vehicles are designed with spacious interior design and striking features.  
Along with commercial trucks for heavy load transportation, Volvo also develops trucks that are specific for special applications. These include a Volvo vehicle with a mist water sprinkler, another Volvo truck with a tree transplanter, and a Volvo road train that comes with heavy haulage, facilitating coal transportation.

If you are looking for a truck to solve your specialized commercial needs, access the list of Volvo dealers in India:

Volvo Truck Showrooms in India: Volvo Dealer Locator 

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