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Content Creation has become essential for individuals, small business owners, and large-scale businesses in today’s digital world. With the boom of the blogging industry and the rise of influencers, Content Creation is now one of the most sought-after fields in India. However, to excel in this saturated market, one needs a mix of talent and good quality content. 
Good quality content originates from ideas but ends at a well-planned execution. So, to execute quality content, one needs the right set of equipment. And, it is not always possible for everyone to seek professional help for content creation. So, if you are trying your own hands at it, the camera alone can not do the job. The necessary support of a Tripod is very essential. So, here is a list of the best quality tripods you should buy.

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Beginning its journey in 1997, Canon has been a world-renowned brand dealing in a range of contemporary digital imaging products. Its presence is spread across the country, with offices in 10 different Indian cities and six warehousing locations. 
Along with a mission to bring and deliver the best quality products for their customers, Canon also believes in adopting green technologies to minimize the environmental burden. Therefore, the company also takes responsibility for the disposal of end-of-life Canon products and other E-waste. 
Canon’s comprehensive portfolio includes a range of products such as large format printers, digital production printers, commercial printers, managed document services, laser and inkjet printers, DSLRs, digital cameras, mirrorless cameras, surveillance cameras, tripods, and more. 
Canon offers different kinds of tripods that are suitable for varying needs of consumers. These range from hand-held tripods to huge-sized ones. These products come with Bluetooth control settings, external microphones, attached accessories, and support vertical recording. Most Canon tripods are priced under the range of Rs. 8000. If you can’t wait to get your hands on one of the best quality tripods, locate Canon tripod official dealers and retails near you.
List of Canon dealers in India: Canon Tripod Dealer Locator

Go Pro

Go Pro is known for offering the world’s most versatile cameras and digital imaging products. The company functions with a vision to help people celebrate the moment and capture life as they live it. 
Nick Woodman founded GoPro in 2002 while he was looking for better ideas to film his surfing adventure with his friends. The established, international company has now sold over 26 million cameras across 100 countries. 
Go Pro equipment is designed to help people add creativity and fun to their everyday lives. The innovative range of Go Pro products includes Cameras, mounts, mods, batteries, lighting products, backpacks, clothing, and more. 
The range of tripods from GoPro is quite extensive. It ranges from essential tripods for beginners to extensive feature-rich tripods for pro photographers. Moreover, GoPro also offers travel kit tripods that come with a piece of mini-size portable equipment and a case to carry the set. Additionally, the company also provides grip arm-mount tripods.
These models come with features such as an ultra-versatile mount, water resistance protection, detached camera grips, additional lenses, and more. Go Pro tripods are priced in the range of Rs. 3000- Rs. 8000.
List of GoPro dealers in India: GoPro Tripod Dealer Locator


Joby was founded in San Fransico in 2005. Since its establishment, the company has keenly focused on creation as an act of creativity by developing and delivering the best quality products. Joby Products provide ease of usability, are playful and innovative. 
Currently, Joby caters to the consumer segment group of creators and boasts of a loyal consumer following, comprising people passionate about functional performance and innovative design. 
In 2017, the Vitec Group acquired Joby. The organization functions as an innovative manufacturer and distributor of photographic accessories. It also houses other brands such as Manfrotto, Gitzo, Lowepro, and more. 
Joby’s product portfolio includes various products such as vlogging materials, Gorillapod, vlogging lights, full-sized tripods, phone tripods, phone mounts, motion control material, smartphone accessories, telescoping tripods, camera accessories, camera tripods, and more.
The range of Joby tripods starts from Rs. 1100 and goes up to tripods ranging in the price bracket of Rs 15-20K. The high-spec Joby tripods are extensively performance and feature-rich. If you wish to buy a professional tripod, find Joby tripod retailers near you. 
List of Joby tripod dealers in India: Joby Tripod Dealer Locator


Sony, an MNC from Japan, is the world’s largest manufacturer of professional electronic products. It was founded in 1946 and set food in India in 1995 with the incorporation of Sony India Pvt. Ltd. Today, the company has over 1000 subsidiaries with a presence across 36 countries. 
Sony deals in electronics, movies, television, and entertainment, and music. Its distribution network in India comprises over 2000 dealers and distributors, 60 Sony Exclusives, 40 Sony World Outlets, and 12 direct branch locations. 
Talking specifically about Electronics, Sony’s product portfolio includes television and Home cinema products, audio and car audio products, storage and cables, cameras, camera products, gaming products, and more.
Sony tripods range from small hand grip tripods, mid-sized and large-sized professional tripods. These come with remote control, pan-head functions, easy grip and mounting, camera plates, and more. The prices for Sony tripods go up to the range of Rs. 10,000. 
List of Sony tripod dealers in India: Sony Tripod Dealer Locator

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