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It has been a decade since the conventional way of pulling water has changed, and people from various places have started using submersible and normal motors for pulling water from deep places. Submersible pumps play a vital role in serving people in urban areas. Earlier, we have seen people choosing some other type of pumps for cost-effectiveness, but in today's situation, most builders advise owners to choose submersible pumps for long life. 

What is a Submersible Pump?

A submersible pump is a type of motor which is connected with the pump which is further, submerged in the water. That water needs to be pumped on the surface to use. Submersible pumps are used to minimize the difference between pumps and the water surface. Submersible pumps are also known as ESP(electric submersible pumps). There are various pumps according to the type of functionality. 
Most residential and commercial properties are built using this pump because it can pump out the water quickly. Moreover, the uses of submersible pumps are wide as they can pump out the pond water and waters on the roadside and even in the houses. In this article, we have listed the top 3 submersible pumps for home-usage. Let’s take a glimpse of some of the most popular submersible pumps that are available to purchase online at the best affordable prices. 

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Top 3 Submersible Pumps For Home

The top 3 dealers for selling submersible motors are listed below; people can choose the preferred dealer according to their needs.
  • Crompton Submersible
  • V-guard Submersible 
  • Havells Submersible
All three companies manufacture submersible motors for home as well as commercial use. These motors will probably sell high in the summer season so that the prices may remain the same. During the winter season, the sales decrease, hence people can prefer purchasing a motor during the winter season to save a lot of money. Seasonal sales can give a huge discount to the consumers. Consumers are being offered concession and exchange offers, and because of this reason, anyone can prefer purchasing a product during seasonal sales. You may also find the dealers and service centers from the given link: Best Submersible Companies Dealers in India.

1) Crompton Borewell Submersible Pumps

Purchasing a submersible motor may cost you high. But when you prefer to spend your hard-earned money, you must make sure that the product is worthy enough to withstand stress and has a long life, so to choose a product like this, you must do a lot of research before selecting a product. The brand also decides the life and quality of a product, so make sure to confirm the features, specification, brand, and other details of the pump you prefer to choose. 
Anyone who prefers to choose Crompton can easily choose the preferred pump according to the size, specification, and even the material used to manufacture the submersible motor. As it will be placed under the ground, color and looks never matter for a submersible motor. It is very important to check a few details about the motor of the submersible pump such as pulling power and size specification. These features matter a lot while selecting a motor.
Crompton has many motors with a voltage capacity of up to 240 volts, so users can choose the appropriate motor according to the need and usage of the motor to make it perform well in all the conditions. The horsepower of the motor also matters, and it decides the force of water, so people should choose the appropriate motor according to the usage. If you prefer to use this motor for watering in gardens, you can choose a low HP motor. 
Price Range: Crompton submersible pumps start from Rs 5,400 in India.

Buy Crompton Submersible Pump: Crompton Submersible Dealer Locator
Repair Crompton Submersible Pump: Crompton Submersible Service Center Locator

2) Havells Openwell and Borewell Submersible Motors

Havells is one of the most popular brands that manufacture a lot of household items like fans, electronic boards, and other items that we use in day-to-day life. They are also in the manufacturing of motors and pumps, including submersible borewell and open well motors. The list of best submersible pumps comes under Havells as they have manufactured a lot of impressive motors and pumps with some innovative ideas. Due to this, there is a huge demand for Havells pumps in today's situation and most people prefer to book and wait for a week or two to get this motor.
Havells submersible starts from Rs. 9500 comes for regular household and commercial uses. This basic model comes with a 3-inch pump and is well suited for high-pressure water pulling. Anyone can easily take up to two to three connections by just providing a T-shaped valve in the pipes. Usually, plumbers may place a T valve that can adjust the speed and direction of the water.
Price Range: Havells submersible pumps starting from Rs 4,400 in India.

Buy Havells Submersible Pump: Havells Submersible Pump Dealer Locator

3) V-Guard Open well and Submersible Motors

We all know that V-guard is the leading manufacturers of stabilizers, and in that list, they have also started manufacturing V-guard submersible motors. It is one of the most preferred models in India among individual houses and joint houses. Pumps from V-Guard come with a 2900 rpm motor that can provide users with a great force as an outcome. The price of a V-guard motor starts from 10,500 INR, and has many other models according to people can choose the preferred model according to the motor’s need and capacity. 
People can also avail themselves of the IB cashback offers to reduce the cost of the motor. The cost of V-guard starts from is nearly the same as all the other brand submersible motors. It weighs around 20kgs, and it has a 4-inch borewell size, so people can easily use this for any household purpose. The copper-plated outer covering may help people maintain the plate rust-free, so there is no need to worry about maintaining this copper surface.
Price Range: Crompton submersible pumps starting from Rs 6,500 in India.

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Repair V-Guard Submersible: V-Guard Submersible Service Center Locator

Final Words

Hence in this article, we have seen some submersible motors that fit home-usage. Some motors can be used for both house and industrial usage. As the uses are wide, companies prefer to provide a multitude of options to make the motor fit for several purposes. Submersible motors are used in borewells, open wells, and other purposes where the need for the force of water is high. 
As there are varied options to choose from, people can do thorough research before choosing a motor for general or industrial usage. Also, during the purchase, users can ask for possible offers, and if there are possibilities, the company may provide some discounts and cashback offers.

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