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With the onset of October, the winter season is approaching the country. While chilly winter mornings and breezy cool nights make a great atmosphere, the winters get unbearable at times. Moreover, the chilling cold is also one primary reason that invites illnesses such as fever and cold. At such times, woolens are just not enough to keep you safe and comfortable.


Thanks to technology, room heaters come to our rescue and make the chilly winters bearable. There are several room heaters available in the market, and they vary according to size, type, function, features, and price range. If you are looking for a room heater to keep your home and offices warmer in the winters, here is a list of dealers and service centers for the best room heaters.

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Khaitan Room Heaters

Khaitan has been a well-known company in the country for decades. The company has always been known for offering superior quality products at affordable prices. Khaitan is a market leader in India for air-management technology. All products from this company are a mix of innovative design, various features, good quality, and excellent performance. 

Khaitan’s product portfolio currently consists of domestic fans, industrial fans, cooler kits, pumps, room heaters, water heaters, LED, and coolers. Khaitan room heaters come in a variety of sizes and offer different kinds of functions. Some of these models are quite compact in size and perfect for corners at your home or workspaces. Moreover, Khaitan heaters are quite affordable as they usually start from the price range of Rs. 2000.


If you want to make the purchase now, check this list of Khaitan dealers now:
Dealer Locator: Khaitan Room Heater Dealers in India

Morphy Richards Room Heaters

Morphy Richards has been serving the world for over 80 years in the category of home appliances. The company is known for its’ wide range of products that cater to personal needs and cooking, convenience, and more. The brand works with a mission of adding elegance and convenience to a modern home. 

The product categories by Morphy Richards range from food preparation products, cooking appliances, beverage making products, personal grooming products, electric irons, home solution products, and breakfast & snacking products.


The Morphy Richards room heaters portfolio starts with compact-sized products that can perfectly fit into corners of your offices. The company also offers bigger room heaters that suit larger spaces like your home’s living room.

The range of Morphy Richards room heaters starts from Rs. 5000 and goes up to Rs. 20,000. If you are looking to explore different kinds of room heaters that suit your needs, click here to access details regarding dealers for Morphy Richards room heaters:
Dealer Locator: Morphy Richards Room Heater Dealers in India 

Orient Electric Room Heaters

A company of the CK Birla Group, Orient Electric has been a customer favorite brand for appliances in India. They operate intending to become a premier lifestyle home solutions provider. By offering cutting-edge electric products, Orient Electric has won the hearts of millions of customers. Currently, this company is the largest manufacturer and exporter of fans in India. 

Orient Electric offers ceiling fans, table fans, wall fans, stand fans, exhaust fans, multi-utility fans, air-circulating chandeliers, air coolers, water heaters, room heaters, cooking appliances, dry irons, health appliances, lighting appliances, and switchgear.


Orient Electric’s room heaters are designed with superior technology to offer a warmer experience in winters. These room heaters are offered in various sizes and differ according to features and functions. Some models of Orient Electric room heaters are equipped with impressive features such as 90-degree rotation, tip-over protection, cool touch body, three heat settings, instant heating, safety grill, and premium design. These room heaters start from the price range of Rs. 2000 and go up to Rs. 10,000. 

Get your hands on a suitable room heater from Orient Electric:
Dealer Locator: Orient Electric Room Heater Dealers in India 
Service Center Locator: Orient Electric Room Heater Service Centers in India

Maharaja Whiteline Room Heaters

Operating as the world’s No 1 manufacturer of small domestic equipment, the parent group of Maharaja Whiteline has been serving for over 150 years. The brand works towards the purpose of making daily lives more straightforward for people by creating new products and services and offering innovative solutions. Maharaja Electric is currently the 2nd largest brand distributed in the country. 

The company deals in product categories of mixer grinder, wet blender, juice extractor, gas cooktop, breakfast-making appliances, room heater, water heater, air cooler, and garment care products. 


The best thing about Maharaja Electric room heaters is the compact size and appealing looks of the models. These are also equipped with superior carbon rod technology, shockproof body, and safety tip-over protection switch. These room heaters start from Rs. 1299 and go up to Rs. 4000. Click here to get details of Maharaja Whiteline dealers:
Dealer Locator: Maharaja Whiteline Room Heater Dealers in India 
Service Center Locator: Maharaja Whiteline Service Centers in India

Sunflame Room Heaters

Another renowned name in the segment is Sunflame. The company has established its presence in Indian kitchens for more than three decades. They offer the latest technological products that provide a pleasurable and luxurious experience. In addition, Sunflame delivers a promise of efficient products and solutions that make life hassle-free for its customers.

Sunflame’s portfolio includes products in the categories of cooktops, chimneys, cookware, small appliances, air coolers, room heaters, water heaters, healthcare, and emergency lanterns.


Room heaters from Sunflame include OFR Room heaters, PTC Heaters, Halogen heaters, Fan heaters, and quartz heaters. These come with U.O.F technology and an adjustable thermostat and three heat settings. The price ranges from Rs. 1400 and goes up to Rs. 13,195. Click here to get the details of the Sunflame room heater dealers in India:
Dealer Locator: Sunflame Room Heater Dealers in India 

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