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One’s home is a very special part of every individual’s life. But, it is much more than merely being a place of residence. It is a place that defines one’s identity and is one of the most valued assets for many people. The same can be true for a workspace. And the furniture is something that elevates a space and adds life to it.

A good interior setup with the right furniture pieces helps create the right ambiance for one’s mental and physical well-being at their home. Currently, the furniture market in India has expanded beyond leaps and bounds. We come across numerous companies offering utility-based as well as luxury-based furniture pieces. So, if you are looking for options to adorn your spaces in the best possible way, here is a list of popular furniture companies in India.

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Cello Furniture

Cello is one of the most renowned legacy groups in the country. It was incorporated in 1967 and began manufacturing PVC Chappals and Bangles. Gradually, Cello diversified its operations to multiple segments and is now the country’s largest-selling and most trusted houseware brand. 
The company has been serving millions of customers for over 60 years. It is also one of the leading global exporters. Cello values innovation and creativity and aims to be the most preferred household brand in the country. 
Cello’s product portfolio includes furniture ranging from chairs, tables, garden furniture, cafe furniture, storage furniture, stools, dining tables, center tables, shoe racks, drawers, side tables, cupboards, and more. The range for Cello furniture products is quite affordable and falls in the mid-range pricing category. If you are looking for good-quality furniture products at reasonable rates, here is a list of Cello furniture dealers in India:

Buy Cello Furniture Products: Cello Furniture Dealer Locator 

Damro India Furniture

This Chennai-based company was founded in 1986. Currently, Damro is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of furniture products. Over the years, Damro has constantly listened and responded to consumer demands, adapting changes in its product offerings. 
The company spans a network of over 250 showrooms in South Asia and has achieved an established global presence. Damro India prioritizes consumer demand and offers a mix of quality products at affordable prices with exceptional customer service. 
The company’s product portfolio caters to every need for one’s space. It includes products such as sofas, recliners, entertainment furniture, coffee tables, storage furniture, wall shelves, shoe racks, beds, wardrobes, dressing tables, table stands, dining tables, office tables and chairs, office cupboard, workstations, modular cupboards, and more.

The price range for products from Damro India starts at a very affordable range and goes up gradually within the mid-range. If you are looking to revamp your space with the most appealing furniture pieces, check out the list of Damro furniture dealers in India:
Buy Damro India Furniture Products: Damro India Furniture Dealer Locator 

Durian Furniture

Durian was incorporated in 1985 and has been a pioneer in the industry for decades. As one of the leading furniture brands, Durian currently has over 33 stores and six state-of-art production facilities. Its operations include the manufacturing of furniture, ply, and laminates.
Durian has progressed exponentially not just as a furniture company but as a lifestyle brand. The company believes that a piece of furniture is a memorable experience that adds to one’s space. 
Creativity, imagination, and innovation are among the core-focused values of the company. In addition, durian believes in adopting sustainable practices and offering superior products to consumers.
The company’s product portfolio includes sofas, recliners, chairs, lounge chairs, balcony furniture, bar stools and chairs, multipurpose chairs, coffee tables, center tables, study tables, shoe racks, TV units, chest drawers, shelves, bookcases, dining sets, wardrobes, beds, office furniture and more. This wide range of furniture is available in mid-range to high-range price segments and promises the best quality. Check out the list of Durian furniture dealers in India:
Buy Durian Furniture Products: Durian Furniture Dealer Locator 

Godrej Interio Furniture

Godrej is a renowned legacy name in India and is trusted by millions of customers. Eighty years ago, the company started its journey with the manufacturing of Store well cupboards. Godrej aims at enhancing comfort and aesthetics with its offerings.
Working with integrity and trust, Godrej also caters to the conservation of the environment and adopts sustainable manufacturing practices. Currently, the company’s presence spans 430 cities with a network of over 800 dealers.
Godrej Interio products are designed with a blend of aesthetics and functionality. The company’s product portfolio caters to products such as almirah and wardrobes, sofas and recliners, TV units, display units, chairs, shoe racks, dining furniture, beds, table, dressers, home office furniture, modular wardrobes, and more. For pricing, Godrej Interio products are quite affordable and offer the best quality for the price value. If you wish to get your hands on some of the best furniture pieces, here is a list of Godrej Interio dealers in India:
Buy Godrej Interio Furniture Products: Godrej Interio Furniture Dealer Locator 

Nilkamal Furniture

Again a very renowned name in India, Nilkamal is a top brand in the country and a global manufacturer of modular furniture. Nilkamal products have been a part of Indian homes and spaces for decades. Currently, the company’s network is spread over 50 stores and 3000+ distributors. 
The company aims at providing high-quality, budget-friendly furniture to its customers. Moreover, it caters to people from fast-paced Indian cities and people from semi-rural areas of India. The portfolio of Nilkamal Furniture includes products such as beds, sofas, recliners, garden furniture, lounge chairs, dining sets, dining chairs and benches, computer tables, coffee tables, bedside tables, dressing tables, study tables, plastic cabinets, wardrobes, shoe racks, bookcases and shelves, storage furniture and more. 

Again, the prices of products from Nilkamal are quite affordable. It caters to customers across all segments and hence, sells products suitable for all price ranges. Here is a list of Nilakamal furniture dealers in India:

Buy Nilkamal Furniture Products: Nilkamal Furniture Dealer Locator 

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