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As we all know, almost all major Indian roads are mostly jammed by either cars or bikes or by the big tempo size buses. But when it comes to convenience or comfortability level for all, buses are the best option chosen in all over the country like India. In actuality, buses in India are one of the best road transportation methods for all most whole city with friendly drivers and passengers. So, with today’s list, we have the best top 3 bus companies in India in the year 2020 running their buses on the Indian roads and providing us with the best comfort and convenience for our journey to all over India. 

Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland have almost enjoyed a sort of shared monopoly now have reason to put their thinking caps on. Moreover, automobile giants such as Mercedes Benz have set their foot into the Indian bus market and are all set to roll with their latest 3-axle intercity luxury bus priced at Rs. 85 lakh to Rs. 90 lakh. Before going ahead, let’s check the main types of buses in India.

Types of Buses in India

In India, the latest introduced buses are equipped with the modern and latest technologies, exclusive features, great interiors and exteriors looking and most importantly follow the norms of emission. We have mainly three types of buses in India for transportation.
1) Public Transit Buses: The Public Transit bus is the most common form of bus found on Indian roads. Most of the civilian people use the form of commuting like the taxi and auto-rickshaws to travel from office to home etc.

2) Tour Buses: These buses are meant for tourists to show them places.

3) Coach Buses: Coach Buses are used for long-term trips across cities etc.
Most bus operators in India used Volvo, Bharat Benz, Ashok Leyland, Tata, etc., not only for local transport but also for buses their first choice when they have to travel nearby in a short time and with reasonable rates. Let's have a read on some top bus companies in India that are doing very well in their field.


As we all know, everyone's first choice is Ashok Leyland when it comes to buses. An Indian automobile company, Ashok Leyland’s headquarter is in Chennai, India. It has a manufacturing unit in Ras AlKhaimahsituated in UAE and United Kingdom.
The company had been emerging in this field for many years. Ashok Leyland is the first bus company to introduce power steering, excellent air brakes, a very rear engine brake, and India's very first double-decker bus in India. The company has its name on the very top when we talk about buses in India. 

The whole year they offer great pricing deals to their passenger with full comfort. In India, Ashok Leyland has done a beautiful job that helped them secure their position at the 8th number in World, which is an outstanding and significant achievement for a bus company from India.
The total number of buses sold by this emerging company, Ashok Leyland, in the year 3019, was somewhere near 23 100. They are in the top 10 global manufacturers of buses. The company is leading and doing exceptionally well in its field. For more details about the dealers please visit  Ashok Leyland Bus Dealers Address and Contact. 


Tata Motors, the name only tells the readers how big achievers they are. Today, in every field in every field, Tata company is exceptionally well with their full dedication to their work. 

Tata Marcopolo is a bus manufacturing company. Its headquarter is situated in Karnataka, India. Also, the company has a joint venture between Tata Motors and Marcopolo S.A.

Recently in an interview, the Tata Company Rattan Tata CEO has decided to deliver 26 of India's first electrical buses to BEST. The 30 seater Tata ultra-urban 9/9 electric Air conditioner buses were flagged off by the CM of Maharashtra. 

Tata Marcopolo buses were seen at the BUS WORLD exhibition too. The primary bus manufacturing and building unit started in Lucknow, which produces around 8 buses per day. A unit from Dharwad, Karnataka produces around 70 buses per day. The latest news says that it has doubled its production which makes the company the largest unit in the world.
Contributing towards green energy, recently the company came with the Y1 electrical buses to fulfill the need of the country. As a result, it is a commercial success where the company received 300 bus orders from some state governments of India. Talking about the prices, each bus costing is around 1 crore Indian rupees.
The company has been building, deploying, and maintaining the best charging electric buses in India. The buses are being designed by the Tata manufacturers on their own using rarest and new designs as per the requirement. Not only design but also they have provided the best comfort to their passenger and at low costs. Find the nearest dealer from  Tata Bus Dealers Address and Contact.  


Our third leading bus manufacturer is again an Indian Company, Eicher Motors Limited. Mainly they manufacture motorcycles and commercial vehicles. Royal Enfield, a manufacturer of middleweight motorcycles is the parent company of Eicher. If we adding a foreign collaboration, Eicher has a joint venture with Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles limited which is Sweden’s Volvo Trucks manufacturer? 
Eicher received a historic timeline as well. Presently, Eicher Motors is a commercial vehicle manufacturer in India. After 11 years of success in 1959, jointly with the Eicher tractor company who is a German tractor manufacturer, the company established the Eicher Tractor Corporation of India Private Ltd. Eicher in India has been completely owned by Indian shareholders since 1965. TFEL is the Indian licensee of Massey Ferguson tractors of Chennai.

The Eicher Group has diversified business interests in design and development, manufacturing, and local and international marketing of trucks, motorcycles, buses, and automotive gears. 
VE Commercial Vehicles Limited is a joint venture between Volvo Group and Eicher Motors Limited. VECV is divided into below business units:

  1. Eicher Trucks and Buses
  2. Volvo Trucks India
  3. VE Powertrain
  4. Eicher Engineering Components
The company's vehicle or bus puts high standards for its competitors regarding safety, quality, and technologies. Eicher's buses are doing pretty well in manufacturing more eco-friendly buses, which does not transfer more pollution towards the environment. The company is always there to provide huge discounts on tickets for its passengers at some festive rate. Since its inception, in every part of India, Eicher is a choice for many. For contact and more details about the dealer please visit  Eicher Bus Dealer Address and Contact. 


Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors, and Eicher are the top three bus companies in India that emerge as the best travel supporters. As we all see on the roads, only these three company buses are being watched in India, which is why their success. India is a large manufacturer of buses and the company which makes buses and passengers lucky are many. 


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