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In India, most commercial and public banks now provide three to five free ATM transactions in major cities and towns. Banks in rural regions, on the other hand, offer up to five free ATM transactions each month.
We are issued a debit card when we create a bank account that may be used at numerous ATMs. The majority of bank accounts come with a variety of debit cards. Each debit card type has a distinct cash withdrawal limit.
You may withdraw Rs 20,000 each day with the SBI debit card, the country's largest state-owned bank. All banks in India have different cash limits for debit or ATM cards. Today, we'll show you how much money you may withdraw from your ATM card on a daily basis.
If you go over your monthly limit, the bank will charge you a modest fee to keep the ATMs operational. The rate for cash withdrawal, for example, has been raised from Rs 20 to Rs 21. After consumers' free limitations have been exhausted, the Reserve Bank of India has enabled banks to impose ATM costs. The central bank made the decision to reimburse banks for the increased interchange charge and an overall increase in ATM operations costs.
Fortunately, while ATM fees are increasing, the number of ways for customers to avoid them is also expanding. This is because many banks are attempting to entice clients by providing free ATM transactions and even ATM charge refunds, and the number of banks offering this benefit is expanding.

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The maximum cash withdrawal limit for an individual using a check is 1 lakh, whereas the maximum cash withdrawal limit for a third party (using solely a cheque) is 50,000. SBI has enhanced the non-home cash withdrawal limits through cheque and withdrawal forms to assist our consumers during this epidemic.
We've compiled a list of the best checking accounts that provide charge-free ATM transactions to assist you to avoid paying this unneeded fee. We reduced the findings down to seven winners by examining additional possible fees, minimum balance requirements, interest rates, and other account features, based on our analysis of hundreds of banks whose checking accounts are available to consumers nationally.

Banks with zero ATM Fees in India

However, there are three private banks operating in the nation that provide their customer’s unlimited free ATM transactions. IndusInd Bank ATMsIDBI Bank ATMs, and Citi Bank ATMs are the three banks that are doing it for their customers. While Citi Bank's activities in India are coming to an end, IDBI Bank and IndusInd Bank are anticipated to continue to give their clients in India free unlimited ATM transactions.

According to us, if you're an IDBI client or are considering opening an account with the bank, it gives free limitless transactions at its own ATMs and five free transactions at other ATMs. IndusInd Bank, on the other hand, provides unlimited free ATM transactions at any bank ATM in India. The bank's websites state Unlimited Free ATM Withdrawal with your IndusInd Bank Debit Card across any ATM in India.

ATM Cash Withdrawal Charges 2022

  1. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has given banks permission to increase fees on cash and non-cash ATMs in excess of the free monthly limits.
  2. Customers will have to pay more for cash withdrawals from ATMs than they did previously. Once the free monthly limit has been reached, the increased costs will apply. Customers have started receiving notices from their banks about increased fees. 
  3. With effect from 1st January 2022, the ATM transaction fee rate beyond the free limit of Rs. 20 + taxes, wherever applicable, would be changed to Rs. 21 + taxes according to a notification on the HDFC Bank website.
  4. Financial transaction fees over the free limit at Axis Bank or other bank ATMs would be INR 21 + GST from January 1, 2022, according to Axis Bank.
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Rules For Cash Withdrawal Limit 2022

  1. Customers would have to pay 1 more than people did previously to withdraw money, according to the RBI announcement.
  2. Beginning January 1, 2022, clients who exceed their monthly limit of free transactions will be charged a fee of 21 instead of 20 cents per transaction. Banks are authorized to raise consumer charges to $21 per transaction to compensate for the increased interchange fee and the overall increase in costs. This rise will go into effect on January 1, 2022. In a circular, the RBI stated.
  3. Nevertheless, all banks debit cardholders will be entitled to five free transactions (cash or non-cash) each month at their own bank's ATMs.
  4. They will also be entitled to three free transactions from other banks in metro areas as well as 5 free transactions for non-metro areas.
  5. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has given banks permission to increase fees on cash as well as non-cash ATMs in excess of the monthly free limits.
The last time the RBI increased the transaction limit was in August 2021, following a seven-year break. The ATM interchange charge structure was last revised in August 2012, while customer prices were last adjusted in August 2014. The bank indicated that these prices had not been changed in a long time.

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