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Having a comfortable backpack is something we all want. No one likes having shoulder pain or neck pain due to the thin straps of a bank. It’s important that you choose a bank that is good enough not just to pick up your books but is comfortable enough for you as well. This is why we are here to tell you some of the best college backpacks available in India which you can buy and not be worried about anything. We will suggest bags that have everything from comfort to quality.

American Tourister:

This brand has been in this industry for a very long time and they know how to up their game. American Tourister bags are designed in order to meet all the requirements as a Les the needs of the modern and on the go life and is designed very intelligently both on the interior as well as the exterior. 
They also give you a compartment for your laptop. They are available in a lot of different sizes, colors, designs along with different cuts and shapes like the traditional Square or the more modern curvy option. It makes sure that all of its backpacks have a batting at the back so that there is no backache and the customers are relaxed. 
Another benefit of the padding is that it minimizes all the load taken by your spine and shoulder is due to carrying the bag all day. Since there are different sizes you can also play with different Storage options. They put all of their bags and a different test to measure their durability under the roughest of situations and make sure that they are selling you the bag that is ideal for your purpose and something that you can use on a daily basis. 
There are a lot of dealers throughout India but as far as Delhi is concerned, there are 13 dealers in Delhi who deal in selling authentic bags from this brand. For more details please visit  American Tourister Bag Dealers Address and Contact.  


It is an Indian brand and ever since it has launched it has only prospered. It is a brand that is growing till now and continues to grow every single day. It has created an image in the minds of the people of originality and creativity in their bags. 

You get a lot of variety here. Their bags come in different sizes, colors, storages, shapes, and cuts. There are about 14 Baggit dealers in Delhi and other dealers are spread throughout the country. For the contact of the dealer's click here  Baggit Bag Dealers Address and Contact. 


Carlton started off as a fashionable and stylish brand in 1995 and continues to be one! They have something for everybody out there, you just need to find your pick. Currently, there are 4 dealers in New Delhi but there are over 100 dealers throughout India that deal with bags from Carlton. For more information about the dealer visit  Carlton Bag Dealers Address and Contact.   


Celio was found in 1985 and has become one of the most leading brands internationally. It is currently present in more than 50 countries and has more than 1100 stores across the globe. It has stylish as well as fashionable auburn clothing and it is integrated very carefully so that it contributes to every desire and every moment of your life. It has different styles and colors so you have a lot of options to choose from. The dealers of this brand are spread throughout the country however currently there are only two dealers in Delhi. Find the nearest dealer by  Celio Bag Dealers Address and Contact. 


Diesel was founded in 1978 and has been one of the most creative as well as innovative brands in the world ever since. It has been one of the major leaders when it comes to innovative and creative fashion. It has over 5,000 sale points across the world. There are over 400 mono-brand stores worldwide. New Delhi currently only has 2 dealers but there are a lot of other dealers across different states in India. For more details about the dealer  Diesel Bag Dealers Address and Contact.  


Hidesign began as a hobby, back in 1978, without any background or motive other than pleasure. But today it is not an uncommon name. today, it is accepted in over 25 different countries globally due to its innovative yet sustainable fashion. 
Ever since it started, it has stayed true to its core values, craftsmanship heritage which helps them in creating every single product with a lot of love and care. There is only one dealer at the moment in New Delhi but trials are being made to make it more accessible to the people of New Delhi but there are a lot of other stores in different states of India. Find the nearest dealer by  Hidesign Bag Dealers Address and Contact. 


This brand started in 1974 and the Swahilis call safari a “journey.” Hence, Safari focuses on making every journey memorable and full of new experiences for you. Safari bags are available in a lot of different vibrant colors, various innovative shapes as well as creative styles.


They make sure that their bags are very different and modern but easy to use at the same time. They follow the saying “comfort with style.” For the nearest dealer  Safari Bag Dealers Address and Contact. 



If you are a lover of bags then we are sure that you have heard the name of this brand. The brand started off with the aim of making a style statement for all the travelers are there for everywhere they go. With its vibrant as well as unique designs, it aims at adding a lot to the personality of a traveler. Along with the aesthetics in their bags, they make sure to make not just stylish and trendy bags, but also the ones that are reliable as well as durable. There are a total of 38 dealers of Skybags presently in Delhi and over 150 throughout India. If you find the nearest dealer visit  Skybags Bag Dealers Address and Contact. 



Wildcraft started off in 1998 and is the foremost company in the distribution as well as manufacturing of trek products in India. It makes sure that their products are economical, budget-friendly, outdoor-friendly as well as durable and made up of the highest quality. They have over 200 stores across more than 60 cities throughout India. There are 10 dealers in Delhi right now and others are spread out throughout the country. For more information about dealer  Wildcraft Bag Dealers Address and Contact. 

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